Paul Sturgess

On Thursday 21st March 2019 Paul Sturgess, former professional basketball player and Britain’s tallest man, visited Peel Hall Primary School.

He presented an assembly at the beginning of the day and taught the children about working hard to achieve the success, using what makes you unique as a strength and staying active and healthy.

Later in the day, he lead each class in some basketball activities on the MUGA. We took some pictures of year 6.

I also managed to take two 360 pictures with him.

With Paul looming over the camera

And while year 6 were doing basketball exercises.

At the end of the day he was kind enough to take a selfie with me.
On behalf of the children and staff at Peel Hall Primary School, thank you again Paul.

(We also took some videos which I’ll be editing and uploading next week)

Barbara Keeley MP Visit and Pupils Debate

On Thursday the 15th of November 2018, the children of Peel Hall Primary School were pleased to mark British Parliament week by hosting a live debate.
We were honoured to be visited by our local representative in the house of commons, MP for Worsely and Eccles South, Barbara Keeley.

We discussed important political questions like…
Should all schools have the same sports provisions as we do in Peel Hall Primary School?
Should all children have to do tests?

The boys and girls were asked to provide opposing sides of the arguments. For example, the boys had to argue that every child should have the right to an education, while the girls had to argue that not every child should.
We kept the argument civil and polite by raising our hands when we wanted to talk, talking calmly when it was our turn, listening to what everyone else had to say and using sentence starters like…
“I disagree with Riley because…”
“In addition to this point…”
Before she left, Barbara Keeley MP was nice enough to talk a little about what she does, and answer a few questions for us. She also gave us some feedback on our debating skills and took a photo with us, that she shared on her Twitter feed.

Peel Hall BBC Radio and T.V. Appearance

This morning, 6 pupils from Year 6 got the chance to visit the BBC and appear on live national radio and t.v. Lacie, Jenessa, Amelia, Charlie, Ibrar and Amman all got to meet former England cricketer Matt Prior and a host of radio and t.v. presenters to discuss the upcoming cricket Ashes series. They also played cricket in the middle of the BBC centre.

The children were interviewed live on Radio 5 Breakfast and then were invited into the BBC Breakfast News t.v. show. After that, they interviewed Matt Prior for tomorrow’s episode of Newsround on CBBC. They were so confident that the producer asked them to go back on Radio 5 Live Breakfast to talk to the nation AGAIN!

The morning was amazing, from appearing on t.v. to sitting in the Green Room next to Michael Parkinson. A day the pupils will never forget. They were a credit to the school and got signed goodies to take home.

If you would like to hear our children on the morning radio show go on the BBC website:

Go to BBC5 Live Breakfast (6-9am) and listen again:
5 Live Breakfast – Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden
Click on the playback button, then drag to 2:07
Then the next show we were on was:
5 Live Breakfast Your Call (9-10am) – Nicky Campbell
Click on the playback button, then drag to 38:00
The children should also be on Newsround tomorrow.