Minnow and the Bear

This afternoon, Year 3 worked together as a team to illustrate the story of Minnow and the Bear.

This was done in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry and incorporated cave paintings from the Stone Age.

Mrs. Carter and I would to thank all children for their efforts this week.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Jackson

Microsoft Teams

Good Afternoon everybody.

Here are a few videos that explain how to upload your work to Microsoft teams whilst you are doing your work at home.

This first video shows you how to upload a picture of your work.

This video shows you how to submit a word document to an assignement.

This final video helps you if you are completing your work on a tablet.

Thank You

Mr Bean

Maths riddles!

Hello everybody. I hope you are all well and enjoying the weather. I have set you all a few maths riddles. I wonder if anybody can answer them all 🤯🧐.

1, Your sock drawer only contains 18 white socks and 18 blue socks. How many times do you need to reach inside the drawer and take out a sock to guarantee a matching pair?

2, When Ashley was 15, her mother was 37. Now, her mother is twice her age. How old is Ashley?

3, If 2 + 2 = 44

3 + 3 = 96

4 + 4 = 168

5 + 5 = 2510


6 + 6 = ?

4, What makes this number unique: 8,549,176,320?

Good luck with these, I look forward to seeing your answers.

Maths Challenges!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing ok and enjoying the sunshine.  

Seeing as I had so much fun creating them last week, I thought I’d come up with some more Maths challenges. These challenges are at a Year 3/ Year 4 level but feel free to have a go at any or all of them no matter which year group you belong to. 

  1. Is this statement always true, sometimes true or never true? When writing a number in Roman numerals, the bigger numbers have more symbols than smaller numbers. Explain your answer. 

2. Is this statement always true, sometimes true or never true? When writing a multiple of 10 in Roman numerals, they all contain an X. Explain your answer. 

3. 3 glasses fill a bottle           2 bottles fill a jug            6 egg cups fill a glass

How many egg cups fill a bottle?                       How many glasses fill a jug?

How many egg cups fill a jug?                            2 jugs can fill how many egg cups?


4. How many seconds are there in a minute? How many minutes are there in an hour?

How many hours are there in a day?    How many weeks are there in a year?

How many days are there in each of the 12 months of the year?

How many days are there in a year? How many days are there in a leap year?


5. Using your answers to the above questions, have a go at these:

How many seconds are there in 5 minutes?

How many minutes are there in one and a half hours?

How many hours are there in 3 days?

How many days are there in total during May, June and July?

How many days are there in 17 weeks?

When was our last leap year? How often do they occur? When will the next leap year be?

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the challenges! Let me know how you get on with any of your activities! Remember, you can email any pictures or messages to peelhall.primaryschool@salford.gov.uk and they will get passed on to the correct teacher. 

Take care, Miss Soar.


Hello 😎

At last we have some nice weather again 🌞.

I wanted to share with you an adventure hunt that I did in school last autumn.

The children really enjoyed it and the list is easy to complete on any walk or even just in the garden. It is a great way for the children to get some sensory play and discover more about what can be found in their surroundings.

I hope you have as much fun as we did when we did it.

Hello 👋

I have just been thinking back to that very cold but fantastic day Y3 and Y4 had at Chester Zoo. At times like these, it is nice to remember the fun times we have had together and to look forward to the next time we can all do something again.

My favourite animal was definitely the jaguar, I also love the chimpanzees 🐒 and the sloth, which we thought was just a teddy until it moved its head.

If we get the chance to go again I would like to see the lions 🦁 and the tigers 🐯.

What are your favourite memories from that day, you could draw a picture or write a diary entry. It would be really nice to hear what your favourite animal is.

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and I look forward to hearing from you.

These are the closest I can get to seeing animals at the moment. Kylo and Rory are loving having us all at home all the time, it means they get biscuits whenever they want.

Oreo truffles 😋

Hello, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Since we have been in lockdown I have been doing more baking than usual. It has been really nice to get my two boys involved too. I thought it would be nice to share one of our favourite recipies with you all. I have made these before in school and Y3 Ennis seemed to really enjoy them.

Ask a grown up to help you with these and let me know what you think. Don’t let the cream cheese put you off, you can’t taste it at all.

To crush the oreos without a blender I put them in a sandwich bag and then you can crush them with your hands.

My Favourite Books

Hello Year 3 👋

How are you all finding the lockdown? Are you still managing to go on adventures? It can be hard when we can not leave our homes or play with our friends.

The lockdown has shown me just how important reading a good book is. When reading a book it allows you to escape to another place and helps to take your mind off any worries you might have.

I have enjoyed reading each evening with Rhys and I thought it would be a good idea if we could share our favourite books with each other.

Below are 3 books that I recommend.

The Christmasauras by Tom Fletcher. This is such a fun story that takes us to the magical North Pole to save future Christmases.

Matilda by Roald Dahl. I love reading all Roald Dahl books but I like the way Matilda manages to get her own back on her mean parents with the help of a kind teacher.

There’s a Yeti in the Playground! By Pamela Butchart. I have just finished reading this with Rhys and we both really enjoyed it. It is funny and has lots happening. The story follows a group of brave kids who find themselves snowed in at school!

I look forward to hearing your recommendations.

Rainbow Toasties!

A massive thank you to the Furnival family for sending photos of their amazing rainbow inspired lunch.  Girls, it looks like you have been very busy trying lots of new ideas at home.  These rainbow toasties look delicious!

If you would like to share your photos with us then please email them to peelhall.primaryschool@salford.gov.uk

Mrs Hilton-Le