4 Edison’s Amazing Maths

Last week, Year 4 were learning about area. We learnt that the area of a shape is the space inside it and is measured in squares. Because we were so brilliant at area, we had a problem solving lesson to finish off our learning. We had challenges such as:

  • Make 2 different shapes with an area of 10 square centimetres
  • Make a rectangle with an area of 16 square centimetres
  • Choose 16 squares of one colour and 4 of another colour, make a shape where none of the 4 squares are touching.

Take a look at our efforts:


Thanks for looking, take care

Miss Soar πŸ™‚

Chester Zoo Workshops

Over the last 4 weeks, Year 3 and 4 have been enjoying workshops from Chester Zoo. The workshops, entitled Wildlife Connections helped us connect to the natural world outside. Here is what 4 Edison have been up to:

On our first week, we explored outside to find evidence of living things. We saw some plants andΒ  mini beasts and we used our detective skills to work out what wildlife might have been there before. By finding nests and spider webs, we could work out that other animals have been there.

On our second week, we discussed what a habitat is and played a game that shows us what happens when we take things from an animal’s habitat. We learnt that we are dependant on nature to stay alive so we need to ensure we protect the wildlife around us.

On our third week, we began by thinking about how long materials stay on our planet. We talked about using sustainable swaps to stop so much rubbish being thrown away. Then we played a game to show how we can help the wildlife around our school and in our gardens at home.

On our final week, we reflected on what we had learnt and put our ideas into practise. We managed to pick up nearly a full bag of litter from our playground in just 10 minutes!

We have really enjoyed learning about how to protect the wildlife around us and we are looking forward to our trip to Chester Zoo next week. We have lots of ideas of how to keep animals and plants safe so if you need any advice, just ask!

4 Edison’s Week

4 Edison had a very busy first week back. On Monday and Tuesday, we had our Science days where we started learning about the states of matter. We learnt what makes a solid, liquid and a gas and then used our knowledge to carry out two experiments. We tested to see how temperature affects the melting point of chocolate and how salt affects the melting point of ice. We’ve lots more experiments and investigations planned this half term so keep your eyes peeled for that. We also learnt about the water cycle and learnt a very memorable song about it!


On Friday, we got given our new recorders so we spent our music lesson learning how to hold them and how to play a B. We’ll carry on learning how to play the different notes over the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Soar πŸ™‚

Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone and a belated Merry Christmas. I thought you’d like to see some of the pictures from our party day before the holidays. We had a lovely day filled with a quiz, bingo, a film, popcorn, party games and lots of food! Luckily, we were able to give the leftovers to a homeless shelter and to a local food bank so nothing went to waste.


This term already looks to be a very busy one so keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts to see what we have been up to.

Take care,

Miss Soar πŸ™‚

Choir’s Christmas Outing

For the second year running, our school choir has been invited to support Walkden Rotary Club by singing at the Ellesmere Centre outside Tesco. The girls had loads of fun singing some of their favourite songs and bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to the shoppers. The choir represented Peel Hall brilliantly and we were told by many passers by that the singing was beautiful.Β  A huge thank you to all the grown ups who came down to support us.

But don’t worry if you missed us, you can catch us singing at our end of term concert on Tuesday 17th December in the Junior Hall straight after school, or hear us singing our favourite carols at our Carol Service on Thursday 19th December.

Miss Soar πŸ™‚

4 Edison are musicians!

Over the last three weeks, we have been working really hard during our Music Lessons. We have been listening to different Abba songs and comparing the tempo, the instruments and how the songs make us feel. We’ve also learnt the song Mamma Mia.


As we are budding musicians, we have learnt what crotchets and quavers are and used these to compose some rhythmic pieces. Today we had the challenge of creating a 16 beat pattern and then playing it on a percussion instrument of our choosing. We have been investigating sound as part of our Science work this half term so we knew all about how they made a sound!


Have a look at our pictures of us performing our masterpieces, complete with a human music stand.

A few more weeks’ practise and we should be ready for Wembley!

Enjoy the weekend,

Love, Miss Soar πŸ™‚

4 Edison’s week

Last week, 4 Edison had a very busy week.

On Wednesday we went exploring our school grounds. We had the task of creating habitats for different animals from natural resources. We created bug hotels, an ant exercise log and even a badger house. Let’s hope some animals come to visit!



On Friday we became musicians! We have learnt the notes B A and G on our recorders and we then composed our own little tunes. We were very brave and performed our original pieces of work for the rest of the class.

This week looks to be just as busy. Keep up the good work Year 4!

Miss Soar πŸ™‚