Shelter building in the Forest School

Yesterday 2 Pankhurst went into the Forest School to see why shelters are important to help animal and humans survive. First we watched Mr Lowe build a shelter using a tarpaulin, with help from Sophie and Austin. After that we collected our own materials to build shelters, for the animals who live in the forest. We look forward to seeing what 2 Armstrong create next week.

Year 2 Science Days

This half term 2 Pankhurst will be learning about how exercise helps us keep healthy. During our science days we conducted an investigation to see the effects exercise has on our heart beat. We used Mr Bean’s Fitbit to measure our heart beat before and after we had completed our Daily Mile, to see the difference exercise had made. We discovered that when we do exercise our heart beat increases. The children are looking forward to doing other experiments over the half term.

Y2 Christmas Show

On Wednesday Year 2 performed our Christmas Show, Gnome Alone. All the children were fantastic to perform a flawless performance. Thank you to everyone who came to support the children and those who helped the children learn their lines and the songs.

Mr Bean and Mr Connolly

Good luck Year 2!

A belated post to say thank you to all of the children in Year 2, we have made many  memories this year and you have been a wonderful class. You have worked incredibly hard all year and I am so proud of you all and everything you have all achieved! Your new teachers are very lucky! Good luck in Year 3, Miss Harrison has already told me how fantastic you are all doing! Also a huge thank you to all the parents, you have been a great support this year and is appreciated!

Miss Warburton 🙂


Y2 Pankhurst’s self portraits!

Year 2’s Trip to Blackpool Zoo!

Yesterday we went to Blackpool Zoo. We had a wonderful day! We saw lots of animals including guinea pigs, lions, anteaters, giraffes, elephants, gorillas, orangutans,  flamingos, tigers, monkeys, a giant tortoise and many more! At lunch time we met some cheeky seagulls who were trying to steal are lunches, they even managed to steal Miss Sighe’s sandwich! We did a lot of walking and exploring and we enjoyed it that much we would love to go back. What a fantastic end of year trip!

Year 2 Kite Making!

During Design and Technology days we have been very busy designing and making kites! First we looked at different kites of all shapes and sizes. Then we got into groups and discussed ideas for our kite design. We worked together to design the kite and drew sketches to help us. After we had finished our design we made our kites using different resources such as wooden sticks, light fabric and string. We customised our kites using felt tip pens to create patterns. Finally we got to go on the field to test whether our kites would fly. We had so much fun and we have worked incredibly hard!