To all Reception and Year 1 parents, please watch the below video for your child’s reading meeting. Even if you have had children go through Reception and Year 1 in previous years, it is still important to watch as LOTS of changes are taking place this year.

It is highly important you watch all of the video.

We plead that you ALL return the books promptly each week, please ensure your child’s book is in school every single day.

Many thanks,
Mrs Burgess

Book Day in Year One.

Today at Peel Hall we had Book Day. The children were invited to come dressed as a character from their favourite book. The children made a fantastic effort and we were very impressed with their outfits. We had a very special visitor, James Campbell who is an author. He told some exciting stories and the children asked him questions. We also had the opportunity to listen to different stories read by our teachers and teaching assistants. The children enjoyed the afternoon creating a book retelling the story of the character that they had come dressed in.

We had a fantastic day!

Year One team 🙂

D&T in One Warhol

For our design and technology days this week we were given the task of making a product that could keep Miss Killilea’s cup of tea warm. Firstly, we explored different materials and thought about what would be the best material. We then designed our cup warmers. Today we had lots of fun making them! We used different materials to make our cup warmers and decorated them. We finally tested our cup warmers to see whose would be the best at keeping Miss Killilea’s cup of tea warm.

Well done Year One. A great end to the half term 🙂

Miss Killilea.

Maps of Peel Hall

Today for our Geography lesson we explored our school from an aerial view. We collected materials that were available to us outside such as sticks, leaves, stones and rocks. With these materials we made a map of our school. We were able to explain where the different areas of our school were. We worked very well in pairs and followed instructions.

A lovely lesson outside Year One. Well done!

Miss Killilea 🙂

Microsoft Teams

Good Afternoon everybody.

Here are a few videos that explain how to upload your work to Microsoft teams whilst you are doing your work at home.

This first video shows you how to upload a picture of your work.

This video shows you how to submit a word document to an assignement.

This final video helps you if you are completing your work on a tablet.

Thank You

Mr Bean

The Bumble Bear

This week we have enjoyed exploring the text The Bumble Bear. We have really enjoyed this book. We have worked hard to include adjectives in our sentences to describe how Bumble Bear is feeling. We have even made our own bee masks to become members of Bee School.

Well done Year One. The masks look amazing! 🙂

Year 1


Hope you are all safe and well. I am in school this week, we have been thinking about why we clap on our doorsteps on Thursday nights. Who are we all clapping for? What is a key worker? Why are they a key worker?

The children in school created a mind map of all the key workers they knew, some of their parents are key workers so they talked about how they help us.

We clap on Thursday nights at 8pm to say a HUGE thank you to all the key workers who are everyday risking their lives to help us through this very strange time.

Suggested activities.

  1. Write a list of key workers you know.
  2. Draw and label key workers.
  3. Write simple sentences about the key workers

A doctor helps people who are sick.

A scientist finds out about the virus.

4. Make a key worker scarecrow like we have made at school.  I will post some pictures tomorrow of the key worker scarecrows we have made so far.

I hope you have as much as we did with these activities.

Keep reading, keep practicing your 2s, 5s and 10s times tables and most of all stay safe.

Miss you all lots.

I would love to hear from you, you can send any photos to our school email.

Miss Harrison