Testing materials

In science we tested different materials to see which would be best at fixing a hole in Miss Killilea’s umbrella. We tested card, paper, tinfoil, cotton and newspaper. We found that the best material would be tinfoil as it is waterproof.

Well done Year One and thank you for helping fix my umbrella!

Miss Killilea πŸ™‚


Exploring flowers

For our first science day we have used our forest school to explore the different variety of flowers. We were able to name different flowers and also learnt the name of some. We had fun in the afternoon planting seeds in different places around forest school. We hope that they grow to make our outside area colourful!

Great job Year One!

Miss Killilea πŸ™‚


Nursery, Reception and Year 1 do World Book Day

Today it was Mrs Burgess’ favourite day of the year, World Book Day! In true traditional style, we took part in our reading carousel as we travelled from adult to adult, listening to their favourite stories being told.

In the afternoon, both Reception classes took part in some exciting book related activities. We listened to Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, and then did some maths problem solving, thinking about how we could share one big pancake between four children. We also made Gruffalo Β Crumble with Miss Roylance. We put in orange eyes, poisonous warts, purple prickles and Grauffalo fur, it was very yummy! Mrs Burgess and Miss Baldwin talked to us about our favourite stories and we recreated the front covers by ourselves. We also made some very hungry caterpillars on the creative table and designed our own underpants for the aliens to love!

All in all we have had a very busy, but very enjoyable day!

Mrs Burgess :o)


Science day fun!

On our first day back in school we had a special visitor. He told us many facts about space. Did you know that the first man on the moon was called Neil Armstrong? We had fun building our own space stations to keep teddy George safe from the weather on Mars. We had a very exciting morning.

We look forward to learning more about space in our lessons this half term.

Great teamwork Year One!

Miss Killilea πŸ™‚