Science day fun!

On our first day back in school we had a special visitor. He told us many facts about space. Did you know that the first man on the moon was called Neil Armstrong? We had fun building our own space stations to keep teddy George safe from the weather on Mars. We had a very exciting morning.

We look forward to learning more about space in our lessons this half term.

Great teamwork Year One!

Miss Killilea 🙂


Locality walk around Little Hulton.

Today as part of our Geography topic we went on a locality walk around Little Hulton. On our walk we observed our surroundings to become more aware of what is in our local area. We all walked very sensibly with our partners and talked to each other about what we were seeing. Some of the things we saw were the library, a church, shops and traffic lights. When we went back to school we had a look at pictures that we had taken on our journey. We all had a great morning!

Well done Year One. You were all very sensible! 🙂

Miss Killilea.

Good Luck!!! :D

We have had a fantastic year this year and have made so many great memories! You have all worked your socks off and I am super proud of everyone’s achievements, we are a class of many talents! It has been wonderful to see each and everyone of you grow and I am going to miss you all next year. Good luck today on your first day in year 2, your next chapter at Peel Hall!

Miss Warburton 😀