The Bumble Bear

This week we have enjoyed exploring the text The Bumble Bear. We have really enjoyed this book. We have worked hard to include adjectives in our sentences to describe how Bumble Bear is feeling. We have even made our own bee masks to become members of Bee School.

Well done Year One. The masks look amazing! 🙂

Year 1


Hope you are all safe and well. I am in school this week, we have been thinking about why we clap on our doorsteps on Thursday nights. Who are we all clapping for? What is a key worker? Why are they a key worker?

The children in school created a mind map of all the key workers they knew, some of their parents are key workers so they talked about how they help us.

We clap on Thursday nights at 8pm to say a HUGE thank you to all the key workers who are everyday risking their lives to help us through this very strange time.

Suggested activities.

  1. Write a list of key workers you know.
  2. Draw and label key workers.
  3. Write simple sentences about the key workers

A doctor helps people who are sick.

A scientist finds out about the virus.

4. Make a key worker scarecrow like we have made at school.  I will post some pictures tomorrow of the key worker scarecrows we have made so far.

I hope you have as much as we did with these activities.

Keep reading, keep practicing your 2s, 5s and 10s times tables and most of all stay safe.

Miss you all lots.

I would love to hear from you, you can send any photos to our school email.

Miss Harrison

Year 1

Hello Year 1

The sunshine is out! Hope you have managed to get outside today.

Following on from my last blog about our science animals including humans.

Our Senses

Suggested activities

  1. Write simple sentences including our senses.

I can see ______________.

I can hear ____________.

I can smell ___________.

I can hear ____________.

I can feel _____________.

I can touch __________.

I can taste ___________.

You could even create a poster and draw and label what you can see, hear, smell, feel, touch and taste.

2. What parts of your body do you use for each sense. Write simple sentences.

I use my nose to smell.

3. Get an adult to find some items that you could use your senses to identify what it is. Like Harrison in our class you could wear a blindfold, to smell, to taste and to touch. This can be so funny.


Did you identify what the things are?

You could record in a simple table.

I would love to hear from you and what fun you have engaging in the activities.

Keep safe.

Missing you all lots.

Miss Harrison


Thank you

Thank you to Harrison who has been keeping very busy learning lots and having so much fun with his family.

Harrison has painted a beautiful rainbow to say thank you to the fabulous key workers.

Keeping fit by joining in with Joe Wicks and going on daily walks with his family. He found the Mary Poppins rock like Bonnie did.

Baking and crafts look so much fun.

Engaging in science activities, learning the days of the week and keeping up with his reading and writing.

Harrison is loving spending time with his family having lots of quality time together.

I am missing you all so much but remember you are doing the best job being a stay at home super hero.

Miss Harrison

Thank you

Thank you so much to Bonnie who has sent me some fabulous photos of what she has been getting up to this week.

Bonnie told me that ducks should not have too much bread as it is not a healthy snack so she has made some healthy snacks for them. I will definitely be making some of these for the ducks near my house.

Bonnie has also been planting some seeds, she has drawn flowers and labelled the parts too. She also created posters to show how to look after the seeds to help them grow.

Following on from planting flowers Bonnie found some wild flowers on her adventures in the park, I love wild flowers, so many colours.

It is so nice of you to keep in touch. I am missing you all so much.

Stay safe.

Miss Harrison

Year 1

Hello Year 1

Hope you are all safe and well.

In science we look at animals including humans. This week I will post some activities for you to do at home.

First lets look at humans.

  1. Draw an outline of a body and label the main body parts you know.body
  2. Write simple sentences about your main body parts, what you use them for, some body parts you will write more than one sentence.

My legs are used for walking.

My legs are used for running.

I am sure you can write lots of simple sentences. Remember to use a capital letter to start your sentence, finger spaces to separate your words, use your phonic knowledge to spell unfamiliar words and full stops to end your sentences.

3. Sing the rhyme ‘heads shoulders knees and toes’ with your family, get them to join in too, I love the singing it faster part, it is tricky keeping up with the actions. I am sure you will love this part too.

Please share your work, you could even send me a video of you singing the song and doing the actions by sending an email to and it will be sent to me.

I am missing you all so much.

Stay safe.

Miss Harrison




Thank you

Thank you so much to Bonnie for keeping in touch and sending me some fabulous pictures of her adventures on her daily walks.

Bonnie has found lots of decorated stones and rocks on her walks, my favourite one has to be the Mary Poppins rock!

Stay safe and keep in touch.

Miss Harrison


Year 1

Hello Year 1

It is VE day tomorrow. May Day bank holiday is normally held on a Monday but this year it is being held on a Friday, tomorrow.

I have some questions for you to research and answer.

  1. What does VE stand for?
  2. How do you think they felt when the war ended?


People ran out in the streets hanging bunting and banners. Everyone brought out food to share.

3. What is the capital of England?

It was the place to be on VE day. Anyone who could reach the city did. Fireworks filled the sky with flashes of light.

Suggested activities you could do to celebrate.

  1. Make some bunting to put up outside your house.

2. Make a picnic and sit outside with your family. You could make sandwiches, juice and even make some cakes.


3. Design a medal.


4. Write a letter to a family member or a friend who does not live with you telling them how you celebrated VE day. You could even draw them a picture and post it to them. It will put a smile on their face receiving a letter from you. Remember your capital letters to start your sentences, for names and days of the week, use your phonics knowledge to spell unfamiliar words, use finger spaces to separate your words and full stops to end your sentences.

Enjoy the activities and keep in touch via the school email, I would love to hear from you.

Miss you all so much, have a lovely weekend.

Keep Safe.

Miss Harrison

PS. When you are on your daily walk go and check out our amazing portraits on the school railings, you are the best!



Thank you

Hello Year 1

Hoping you are all safe and well.

Let me know what you have been up to. You can email at

It was so lovely to hear from Kiera. You have been having lots of fun in the sun with your family.

Kiera has also been having lots of fun indoors keeping busy.

Thank you so much for keeping in touch, so lovely to hear from you Kiera. I know you are all missing your friends and I know that all of the teachers and staff are missing you all too.

Keep Safe everybody, missing you all lots.

Miss Harrison


Thank you

Thank you so much to Sofia and Navaeh for getting in touch showing me what you have been up to.

They have been watching caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies, how fascinating is nature!

Navaeh has chalked her hair with rainbow colours, I love it!

Sofia 3

Sofia has engaged in the activities from my previous blog. I loved receiving your fabulous work and seeing your faces.

Well done!