Year 5 Achievement Certificate

A number of amazing children in Year 5 have been awarded certificates this week for a variety of wonderful reasons. Here are our winners:

5 Peake

Anthony Gritto (maths) – for wonderful fractions work.

Sonny Duffy (English) – for using inverted commas correctly.

Cory Hamby (star of the week) – for doing numerous kid acts through the week.

5 Darwin

Victory Nzeribe (maths) – for a wonderful start to maths in Peel Hall.

Oscar Reilly-Mullins (English) – for working hard on his handwriting.

Lawson Haynes (start of the week) – for a great attitude to everything in school this week.

Well done Year 5 superstars!

5 Peake’s Manchester Trip

On Wednesday, 5 Peake went on a really exciting trip to Manchester to learn more about the city that we focus on in our new geography unit, ‘Little Hulton, Big Manchester’. We set off early as there was so much to see and made our way down to Salford Quays to visit the BBC, the Imperial War Museum, the Lowry Shopping Centre and the Lowry Theatre. We even spotted Old Trafford in the distance.

Next, we ventured into Manchester. After parking up in Castlefield, we had dinner in Castlefield Bowl. We then went on a HUGE walking tour of the city. We visited MOSI, the Hilton Hotel, Manchester Central, the Bridgewater Hall, the Midland Hotel, St Peters Square/Central Library, the Town Hall, John Rylands Library, St Annes Square, the Royal Exchange Theatre, the Arndale/Printworks, the Corn Exchange. the National Football Museum, Manchester Cathedral, the River Irwell and Victoria Train Station. Finally, we headed back across town to Castlefield. The children were amazing and kept asking interesting questions. We walked over 15,000 steps in two hours!

Now we can used that knowledge and experience to help us learn about the transport, sport, entertainment, libraries, rivers, civic buildings, food and music of Manchester. Brilliant trip, well done 5 Peake!

Year 5 Peake Forces Science Days

For the last two days, Year 5 Peake have been taking part in forces science days. We have been learning about different forces and the affects they have on objects. We have also had science experts, Darren and Tom, running very interesting workshops for the children. We got the opportunity to make and fire off rockets, then drive a steam train around a track! We had a little competition to see whose rocket flew best, which Harley and Bobbie-Lee won. Then, who were the quickest train drivers? Rhys and Aseya worked as a wonderful team to win the race! Great days, learning a lot.

Year 5 Peake D & T Days

Over the last two days, Year 5 Peake have been designing, making, testing and evaluating moon buggies. They have shown wonderful knowledge of what moon buggies (lunar rovers) were used for and how to make their own. We even had a race with the moon buggies we built against Y5 Darwin’s buggies… and we won!! A really enjoyable two days.

Year 5 Peake Ellesmere Port Trip

On Friday, Year 5 Peake had a wonderful trip out to Ellesmere Port. The children learnt lots about canals and other waterways to help them in their history unit, the Bridgewater Canal. The took part in lots of tasks including map work and opening the locks. They also did a scavenger hunt which Mr Sutherland’s group won. We even had time to play on the playpark!

Y5 Peake Bridgewater Trip

On Friday, Year 5 Peake went on a fantastic trip to the Bridgewater Canal. The children learnt all about why the canal was built and what it is used for today. They asked fantastic questions that our knowledgeable guides, Elizabeth and Mark, answered. It was a beautiful day and great to get out of the classroom to learn in a different way.

Y5 Peake Peel Hall Book Day

Yesterday, Year 5 Peake had a fun day doing reading based activities all day. The children had made a great effort to get dressed up for the occasion. We saw some wonderful costumes linked to characters from books. They also invented fantastic characters, answered book quizzes and designed book covers.

Can you guess which Year 5 text me and Mrs Dyson dressed as characters from?

Year 5 Science Show

Over the last half term, Year 5 have worked so hard on their English and Maths that it was a really treat to take part in a Materials Science Show. The children got hands on when helping out with enjoyable science experiments to show their knowledge of liquids, solids and gases. We all learnt a lot and had fun along the way!