Nursery Jeffers – Dojo winner

I have such wonderful news, Nursery Jeffers Dojo winner is Elliot !

Elliot is a lovely little boy, who makes the staff proud everyday with the way in which he participates and gets involved in everything that the nursery has to offer.

He is such kind hearted little boy, who is friendly and kind to his friends and he is trying so hard in his work and activities. Elliot is making such an effort to use his listening ears and join in with carpet activities.

Elliot, it is so lovely watching you blossom and learn, you make of all your teachers proud everyday.

Mrs Weedall

Nursery Jeffers Book club

Every week in the Nursery the children are so excited when Friday comes around as they know they can participate in our book club once again. The children all spend time looking at and choosing the book they wish to take home to share with their grown ups at home and borrow for a week.

When the books are returned the children receive a stamp on their book log. Once they have 5 stamps the children gain their first book club certificate.

The children in the photos below have achieved their first book club certificate.

The next step for these children is to read a further five books, and at that time they will receive the 10 book club certificate.

There are other children in Nursery Jeffers who soon will also receive their 5 book club certificate. So keep checking the blog to see who else achieved this milestone.

To all the parents and carers who also participate in the book club too, reading the books we send home with your child is making such a difference, so a huge thank you to you.

Mrs Weedall

Nursery Murphy Dojo Winner

This week’s dojo winner is Isabella!

Bella is always so very kind to her friends and shows concern when others are upset. Bella has really impressed me this week by applying her learning within her play.

Last week we read the story book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and Bella loved it! so this week Bella has been using the story resources within the classroom to reenact the main story events which shows she was listening and taking in all the new learning last week in order to apply it within her play this week.

This has made me one very proud teacher – Well done Bella!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Book Club

Every Friday morning our Nursery children get to choose their new book club book to take home for the week to share with their grown-ups. The children really love Friday’s at Nursery for this very reason!

12 of my children this week have received their first book club certificate for reading 5 books!

When the children reach 10 books, they will receive another celebratory certificate!

Keep your eyes open for more children receiving their 5 books certificate as I have a few children who have nearly reached this milestone!

Well done to everybody!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you – the parents and carers – for supporting us and your children with our book club.

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Jeffers – Dojo winner

I am so happy to share the wonderful news that our Dojo winner this week is Jaxx !

Oh my goodness, Jaxx had the best week in Nursery. He made sure he took part in everything, he played and shared very well with his friends, and when asked to help tidy up, Jaxx didn’t stop at tidying up one area and a few toys, he kept going until the whole classroom was tidy.

Jaxx also put a lot of effort and determination into his work to, and not only was I proud of him but more importantly Jaxx was too, especially when he saw what he could achieve when he works hard. Jaxx earnt 14 Dojo points.

Well done Jaxx, keep up doing what you are doing, you are my little superstar.

Mrs Weedall

Nursery Murphy Dojo Winner

This week’s dojo winner is William!

William has been working extremely hard at carpet times this week, especially at number time, where he has been trying his best to use his listening ears and has been joining in with all of the activities.

I am very proud of William this week – well done.

Keep up the great work!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Murphy Dojo Winner

This week’s dojo winner is Enzo!

Enzo has been so pleased to be back at Nursery this week. He has arrived at school with a huge smile on his face every morning, ready to play and learn!

Enzo has earned the title of dojo winner this week because he is beginning to become more independent and have a go at doing things without the help of his teachers.

This makes me one very proud teacher!

Well done Enzo.

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Jeffers – Dojo winner

This weeks Dojo winner is Finley !

This term the Nursery children are going to be learning lots of different things about animals and where they live in the world. Finley has made a fantastic start to our learning journey during our science days this week. He knows so many different facts about animals and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with his friends. I am so impressed with Finley, he has made me a very proud teacher this week.

Thank you Finley for being such a star this week.

Mrs Weedall

Happy Christmas from Nursery!

Today the Nursery children have had so much fun!

We watched some short Christmas films, sang songs, played with friends, danced, enjoyed some games of pass the parcel, ate some yummy party food whilst wearing our party hats and to top off a great day, SANTA came to visit and brought us all a chocolate treat to take home 🙂

On behave of all the Nursery staff, we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you all in January 🙂

Miss Atkinson, Mrs Weedall, Miss Berry, Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Harris