Year 6 Market

As previously covered on the blog, Year 6 (soon to be Year 7) were issued a challenge by Virgin Group Ltd. – To take the £5 that each of them were given and make more money with it. Their challenge culminated in a market which was held in our assembly hall.

They took in £510 on the day of the market and had to return the £235 they were given at the start of the challenge, for a net profit of £275!

Well done to our budding young entrepreneurs!

Good Luck!!! :D

We have had a fantastic year this year and have made so many great memories! You have all worked your socks off and I am super proud of everyone’s achievements, we are a class of many talents! It has been wonderful to see each and everyone of you grow and I am going to miss you all next year. Good luck today on your first day in year 2, your next chapter at Peel Hall!

Miss Warburton 😀

Goodbye, Team ROSEN!

I would just like to say a big goodbye to all of ‘my’ children. They have all touched my heart in some way over the year. Thank you also to the parents, for your continued support and generosity. I will never forget this class, they have been part of a very special year for me! Have a fantastic Summer and good luck to all the children for Year One. Their new teacher is VERY lucky.

For the LAST TIME, signing out as Miss Prescott :o) ❤


World of work week in Early Years

Last week we explored different jobs people do, what is involved in their jobs and understanding about what we spend our wages on, houses, bills, cars, holidays, treats etc. We had a visit from the police and they told us about the different things they do as part of their job.

We visited other classes to experience their role play areas, this was lots of fun.

We had a FANTASTIC week earning money by serving other year groups toast and washing cars. We were very interested in seeing our money increase the more work we did. We all decided to spend our well earned money on paddling pools and having a water party, it was just awesome!



It’s off to work we go….!

This week has been INCREDIBLE. The whole school have celebrated ‘World of Work’ week. We wanted to give our children an insight as to what ‘work’ is, what types of job you can do, and how you can work hard to earn money! We also wanted the children to realise that money is spent on ‘real’ things like bills, food, children, house repairs, etc.

We made individual worker passes and clocked on and off every day.

The Reception children have worked HARD. Firstly, we made posters for our ‘Early Years Car Wash’ and set about asking the staff if they’d like to pay for us to wash their car. It was hard work, but fun!

We then wanted to make MORE money. We decided to set up a Reception Restaurant (Rosen’s Restaurant and Donaldson’s Diner). We made menu’s, created bill receipts, made the food ourselves and then hosted an evening in the restaurants, taking orders and serving our parents!

Each of the teacher’s created a work based role play area in their classrooms. Reception Rosen had a Bakery, Reception Donaldson had a sweet shop, Nursery Murphy had an ice cream van and Nursery Jeffers had a hairdressers. We learned the different roles in these work places and had fun playing!

We also had a visit from the local Police Officers. They were fantastic, they let us try on their different types of hats, go in the back of their van and try on their uniforms!

At the end of a week, we earned a total of £140.00 – thank you SO much to all of you for being SO generous with your ‘tips’, the children were thrilled, we spent our wages on a paddling pool and water equipment, giving us the best day ever yesterday afternoon. Here is a little video to showcase what fun we had!

Miss Prescott