Goodbye Reception!

Who can believe it is time to say goodbye to another wonderful cohort of Reception children!? These children have been so special to myself and Mr Kershaw this year, they have kept us sane when times were tough, made us laugh (so much) and made us incredibly proud. We cannot express just how much we have enjoyed teaching each and every one of them, and the Year 1 staff are very lucky to have such amazing children to teach next year.

Below are a few photographs from our last day together.

We are going to miss you all so very much, thank you for being so wonderful.

Mrs Burgess, Mr Kershaw, Miss Tsang, Miss Roylance, Miss Morris, Miss Ahmed, Mrs Davies, Mrs Sighe and Mrs Godiff ❤

Y5 Peake Peel Hall Book Day

Yesterday, Year 5 Peake had a fun day doing reading based activities all day. The children had made a great effort to get dressed up for the occasion. We saw some wonderful costumes linked to characters from books. They also invented fantastic characters, answered book quizzes and designed book covers.

Can you guess which Year 5 text me and Mrs Dyson dressed as characters from?

Peel Hall Book Day – Reception

We had a fantastic time for Book Day. The children all looked amazing in their costumes. We have read a lot of books, visited the hall to see all the amazing lanterns and we voted for our all time favourite book. In the afternoon we released our butterflies after reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We loved every second of it. Happy Book Day love Mr Kershaw

Book Day in Reception!

We have had a great day celebrating World Book Day.

We spent our morning in a reading carousel, listening to lots of different stories told by our teachers.

In the afternoon, we had a vote for which book we wanted Mrs Burgess to read. We chose The Hairy Toe, it was quite scary!

We then visited the hall to look at the amazing lanterns the rest of the school made. These were all themed on the favourite books of each class. We made an Elmer lantern, do you like it?!

To end the day, we re read one of the texts we have focused on this half term, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We then released the butterflies that we have watched grow from teeny caterpillars over the last couple of weeks and announced our costume winners!

What a fun day!

Mrs Burgess

Year 2 Armstrong- World Book Day! (2021)

Hello everyone!

Today was World Book Day and I was certainly impressed with all of the fantastic characters that entered our classroom! Unfortunately, the class had a different teacher with them for the first half of the day. None other than Lucius Malfoy from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Luckily, I had some time with Year 2. I am sure the children are eager to tell you all about it.

In addition, we had a special visitor at Peel Hall. James Campbell is an author of some very humorous books. We listened to some of his funny and exciting stories. Also, he told us what it is like being a writer and all the different stages to getting a book onto shelves. In the afternoon, we created bookmarks to use for our own books and we had the opportunity to sit with the different adults in Year 2 and read a variety of books together.

It has been a very interesting and exciting day as you can see from the images. 🙂

Mr Connolly

Year 4’s World Book Day!

Year 4 have had a brilliant time for World Book Day today. We started off the morning with the adults in the Year 4 bubbles sharing their favourite books with the children. After break we had a very entertaining assembly with visiting author James Campbell. He gave us a clear message that reading and writing are for everyone and it has inspired us to get reading and writing (even more than we usually do!) We spent the rest of the day designing bookmarks, doing quizzes, solving puzzles, designing new book covers, creating character fact files and so much more! Everyone enjoyed looking at everyone’s outfits and guessing which characters were shown.

Here are a few snapshots of our very busy day:

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Don’t forget to share your recommendations if you’ve read any good books recently!

Take care,

Miss Soar and Miss Milan-Snee 🙂

Book Day in Year One.

Today at Peel Hall we had Book Day. The children were invited to come dressed as a character from their favourite book. The children made a fantastic effort and we were very impressed with their outfits. We had a very special visitor, James Campbell who is an author. He told some exciting stories and the children asked him questions. We also had the opportunity to listen to different stories read by our teachers and teaching assistants. The children enjoyed the afternoon creating a book retelling the story of the character that they had come dressed in.

We had a fantastic day!

Year One team 🙂