Keeping Healthy

This Science Day we learned all about Keeping Healthy. We designed and made healthy fruit smoothies, we discussed and created how to make a healthy pizza. We talked about how to keep our bodies clean, fit and looked after, Mrs Burgess even made us get our hearts racing with a big work out! We discovered bones we never knew we had and matched up x-rays to a huge skeleton. Mr Kershaw brought in one of his x-rays for us to look at. We talked about our Five Senses and how special they are, we did a blindfolded taste test where we used our sense of smell, touch and taste to decide what was in our mouths! We also made fruit kebabs with Miss Baldwin, they were delicious!

Workout Time!

Fruit Smoothies

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Pizza Making

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Blindfolded Taste Test

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Looking at Bones

Fruit Kebabs

A very educational couple of days!

Mrs Burgess :o)

Happy Mother’s Day from Nursery

On Friday the Nursery children got to show off their fantastic singing to their parents and carers in their Mother’s Day concert.

The children worked SO hard learning all of the songs and it was the first time they had ever been on the stage in front of anyone. All of the children behaved exceptionally well and gave a brilliant performance.

If you missed the performance or simply want to re-watch, then take a look below.

Can you can spot Week 4 of the 9 rhyme challenge – Jack and Jill?

Have a lovely half term break.

Miss Atkinson

Chit Chat Club!

Thursday Chit Clubs have been popular this half-term, myself and the children have really enjoyed having a chat and eating our lunch together in the classroom. The children love chit chat club and here are some of the reasons why…

“I like chit chat club because we get to listen to music”

“I love chit chat club because it is really calm and we get to talk”

“I like chit chat club because it is super fun!”

IMG_0029IMG_0032I think Chit Chat club will have to continue next term!

Miss Warburton




Outdoor Artists

As part of our Art week this week, 4 Edison decided to head outside. We are looking at the paintings of Henri Rousseau. Rousseau’s paintings are all based on nature and the natural world. After looking at some of his works, we took our sketch books and sketching pencils and headed outside. We looked at the nature around school and sketched some of the patterns and shapes we could see. After that, we came back and added to our sketches. Rousseau is famous for using his imagination to create paintings so we tried this technique too. Rousseau is famous for saying that no one taught him to paint, nature taught him to paint and we really enjoyed being out in nature to test this idea out.



Enjoy the sunshine!


Miss Soar πŸ™‚