Nursery Activities

Over the last few days the Nursery children have been learning all about the season of Autumn.

They have been learning lots of Autumn rhymes such as ‘I’m a little scarecrow’ ‘Autumn leaves’ ‘Conkers’ ‘I’m a little hedgehog’ and ‘Apples’ – I’m sure they have been singing them at home but if not then ask them if they can remember any of the words! I’m sure you will be impressed! It has been great listening to the children practising singing them to each other as they explore the indoors and outdoors environments.

The children have also been taking part in some lovely Autumn themed creative activities such as conker painting, making Autumn inspired hats, leaf printing and vegetable printing. During these activities the children have had the opportunities to pracitise some new skills and techniques and have also benefited from lots of discussion around what we might see/do in the Autumn time.

Take a look at some of the photo’s below….

To round off our final week of the term, the children all went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds and into forest school. The children wrapped up warm in their coats and put their wellies on ready to explore the Autumn time!

On our Autumn walk the children noticed the leaves falling off the trees and changing colour and also noticed some of the last remaining apples on the trees. They all had a great time and the quote of the day had to be from Dottie who said

“this is amazing”

as she was running around exploring the Autumn leaves in forest school.

Take a look at the photos and videos below….

Finally, after experiencing the chilly Autumn weather, we ended our walk with a nice slice of warm toast in our outdoor classroom alongside a bottle of milk.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you in a weeks time.

Miss Atkinson and Mrs Weedall 🙂

Nursery Jeffers Dojo winner

I am so please to tell everyone that our Dojo winner this week is Harley !

Harley is well behaved, always helps to tidy up and is such a caring little boy who looks after his friends when they need help. He more than deserves his 11 Dojo points.

Well done Harley

Mrs Weedall

Cooking up a storm!

This week Year 2 Armstrong have had a wonderful time cooking.

Children followed a recipe and practiced skills like listening carefully to instructions, cutting vegetables, kneading dough and tasting different things.

The class really enjoyed the process and found the bread and soup delicious!

2 Pankhurst D&T Days

This week we have been making soup and bread in our D&T days.

First we decided what vegetables we were going to put into our soup and made a design for our bread.

In our next lesson we enjoyed making our soup and bread.

We waited till today to taste what we made and we all thought it was delicious.

Here are the recipes we used to make our food if you would like to have a go at home.

Year 5 Peake D & T Days

Over the last two days, Year 5 Peake have been designing, making, testing and evaluating moon buggies. They have shown wonderful knowledge of what moon buggies (lunar rovers) were used for and how to make their own. We even had a race with the moon buggies we built against Y5 Darwin’s buggies… and we won!! A really enjoyable two days.

A Big Harvest Festival Thank You

Over the past 2 weeks, the school hall was overflowing with all the donations we received for Harvest Festival.

A massive thank you for all your contributions. Year 6 pupils took the bags of donations, to Community Little Hulton. While Year 6 were at Community Little Hulton, it was explained to them what happens to the donations and how it has helped many families who need support.

Your support will make a huge difference to the people in our community.

Thank you to Year 6 for all their hard work collecting the donations.

Mrs Phenix

Healthy eating in the Nursery

For the first part of this week the Nursery children have been looking at healthy eating during their design and technology days. The task the children had to complete was to learn how to prepare their own bowl of fruit salad.

The first job the children had to do was to remember how to wash their hands. We discussed how to wash each part of our hands and fingers so that germs had no where to hide. We had lots of fun making as many soap bubbles as we could with our hands.

The children then had an opportunity to feel the different textures of the fruit and see if they could name each one. We then decided which fruit needed washing and which ones needed to be peeled. The children took extra care while washing the fruit to make sure all of the parts they could see were nice and clean.

The children were then asked to chop and cut up the fruit. Miss Atkinson and I explained to the children how to carefully use a blunt knife and how to hold the fruit while they cut it. We were very impressed with the children’s cutting skills, they took their time and carefully used the knives to prepare the fruit. The children really used their listening ears. Once they had chopped the fruit the children put it into their own bowl and by the end of the task they had a large amount of delicious fruit to eat.

While the children tasted and ate the fruit, we discussed how eating fruit every day keeps us nice and healthy. The children were also asked about the name of the fruit they were eating, how it tasted, and which one was their favourite and which one they didn’t like.

For the final part of the activity the children had to wash the dishes they had used ready for the next group to use.

What a fun time in Nursery we had, eating lots of yummy, delicious fruit, developing some useful cutting skills and of course lots of soap and bubbles.

We can’t wait for the next design and technology days.

Mrs Weedall and Miss Atkinson

Year 5 Peake Ellesmere Port Trip

On Friday, Year 5 Peake had a wonderful trip out to Ellesmere Port. The children learnt lots about canals and other waterways to help them in their history unit, the Bridgewater Canal. The took part in lots of tasks including map work and opening the locks. They also did a scavenger hunt which Mr Sutherland’s group won. We even had time to play on the playpark!