Mrs B’s Book Club is BACK!


Hello everyone!

Sorry for my huge absence with Book Club, I have been very busy teaching my school bubble and couldn’t quite manage to squeeze it in. However, now it’s the Summer Holidays I am back and ready to introduce you to some new stories! I am currently unsure of which days the stories will be posted and how often, but I am hoping to post my first one of the summer this Friday.

I hope you will continue to let me know what you think about the stories and keep engaged with the Book Club, when I see you comment, I know that people are watching them!

Look forward to hearing from you on Friday!

Mrs Burgess ❤

Goodbye Reception Rosen!

Hello there everyone,

I have been thinking about what I could do to say goodbye to my lovely class, and during this strange time there isn’t much that we are allowed to ‘physically’ do. However, I still wanted to mark our short time together with something for you to remember us by and so I have written us a class poem…I hope you enjoy it!

You can save a copy of the poem here, below:

I want to wish you all well as you move into Year One, your new teachers will just love you! We all will certainly never forget this year. I am going to miss you all very much. Have a fantastic summer!

Mrs Burgess ❤

Staying Safe and Being a Good Friend on Apps, Sites and Games

LGfL (London Grid for Learning) have put together this letter for parents and carers and we, at Peel Hall Primary School, would like to share it with you today.

Staying Safe and Being a Good Friend on Apps, Sites and Games

Children and young people have spent much more time on devices than ever before during lockdown, so as we approach the summer holidays, here is some information about staying safe online and principles you can remind your children about.

There is a handy fridge flyer to help parents at which you may want to print out and keep.

Please do not worry too much about screen time – think instead about screen quality, balance and mental health. The Children’s Commissioner has provided a framework called the ‘Digital Five a Day’ with five things to think about each day to help put that into practice.

It is really important children get the opportunity to chat to friends, so it’s great to hear that many of them have been chatting online during lockdown. We are sure that this will continue over the summer, so please reinforce some key messages about appropriate behaviour to keep everyone safe and happy.

There have been reports of children being upset by bullying on chat apps, as well as some very distressing images being shared between friendship groups. This can usually be avoided if children and young people are reminded to look out for their friends, not say anything that they wouldn’t like to hear themselves, and always stop or stand up for others if someone gets upset.

Please remind your children never to share scary or rude images, even to complain about them. If they do see something that worries them or that might be wrong, all they need to do is ask for help from a trusted adult. They could talk to you, or they may feel more comfortable talking anonymously to Childline. If you or they are concerned about an adult’s behaviour towards a child online, report them to CEOP. And as a parent, you can also contact the NSPCC – O2 advice line on 0808 800 5002.

One more thing – this may sound like more relevant to older children, but the very youngest children need reminding not to get undressed or changed online. There’s a fun song to get this message across at (plus background information for you).

Year 6 IXL Update

Hi to all,
Well end of term is now fast approaching and congratulations to all year 6 for their continued efforts both in school and at home, I hope you are all looking forward to High School!
During the last two weeks (sorry I missed last weeks update) students have continued to progress their independent learning.
Below are their records and achievements.

Success Appeal
138 questions 52 minutes Practised 9 days ago
Success Appeal has spent 20 hours practising maths! View certificate3 July 2020
Success Appeal has answered 7,000 questions on IXL! View certificate28 June 2020

John Corless 108 questions 24 minutes Practised 3 days ago
John Corless has answered 7,500 maths questions! View certificate9 July 2020
John Corless has achieved excellence in 70 year 6 skills on IXL! View certificate9 July
John Corless has achieved excellence in 40 year 7 maths skills! View certificate9 July 2
John Corless has achieved excellence in 40 year 7 skills on IXL! View certificate27 June 2020

Matt Katoozi 36 questions 19 minutes Practised 3 days ago
Matt Katoozi has achieved excellence in 40 year 6 skills on IXL! View certificate9 July
Matt Katoozi has achieved excellence in 35 year 5 maths skills! View certificate9 July 2020

Samuel Mezaros 39 questions 8 minutes Practised 11 days ago
Samuel Mezaros has answered 17,000 maths questions! View certificate28 June
Samuel Mezaros has answered 25,000 questions on IXL! View certificate26 June 2020

Gateka Precieuse 41 questions 26 minutes Practised yesterday

Once again well done to all logging on and those choosing to attend school, these efforts will truly help set you up and aid your transition to High School.
Mr H

The Bumble Bear

This week we have enjoyed exploring the text The Bumble Bear. We have really enjoyed this book. We have worked hard to include adjectives in our sentences to describe how Bumble Bear is feeling. We have even made our own bee masks to become members of Bee School.

Well done Year One. The masks look amazing! 🙂