Keeping Healthy

This Science Day we learned all about Keeping Healthy. We designed and made healthy fruit smoothies, we discussed and created how to make a healthy pizza. We talked about how to keep our bodies clean, fit and looked after, Mrs Burgess even made us get our hearts racing with a big work out! We discovered bones we never knew we had and matched up x-rays to a huge skeleton. Mr Kershaw brought in one of his x-rays for us to look at. We talked about our Five Senses and how special they are, we did a blindfolded taste test where we used our sense of smell, touch and taste to decide what was in our mouths! We also made fruit kebabs with Miss Baldwin, they were delicious!

Workout Time!

Fruit Smoothies

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Pizza Making

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Blindfolded Taste Test

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Looking at Bones

Fruit Kebabs

A very educational couple of days!

Mrs Burgess :o)

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 do World Book Day

Today it was Mrs Burgess’ favourite day of the year, World Book Day! In true traditional style, we took part in our reading carousel as we travelled from adult to adult, listening to their favourite stories being told.

In the afternoon, both Reception classes took part in some exciting book related activities. We listened to Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, and then did some maths problem solving, thinking about how we could share one big pancake between four children. We also made Gruffalo  Crumble with Miss Roylance. We put in orange eyes, poisonous warts, purple prickles and Grauffalo fur, it was very yummy! Mrs Burgess and Miss Baldwin talked to us about our favourite stories and we recreated the front covers by ourselves. We also made some very hungry caterpillars on the creative table and designed our own underpants for the aliens to love!

All in all we have had a very busy, but very enjoyable day!

Mrs Burgess :o)


How to Catch a Star…

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from West End Schools in preparation for World Book Day. We learned a routine to the story ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children listened intently and showed excellent acting and dancing skills, as well as having lots of fun! Take a look at our routine below!

Mrs Burgess :o)

Science Day

For our Science Days we have been learning all about Seeds. We have planted our own seed and learned what seeds need to be able to grow. We have conducted an experiement by placing four different seeds in different places, some with water, some with sun, and some without! We made a bar chart to predict which seed will grow first. We put some seeds in the microwave to see what would happen, they popped inside and turned into popcorn! We investigated if all seeds were the same using magnifying glasses and also investigated where seeds are on fruits and vegetables. It has been very fun!

Mrs Burgess :o)