Science Days

To finish off our previous half term’s learning about eggs, our science days included lots of eggy activities. We tried to protect eggs from smashing by using different materials and textures to keep them safe. We made meringues and watched how egg white can be changed. We made scrambled egg and look at how egg can be changed in another way. We categorised which animals hatch from eggs and which do not.

Mrs Burgess :o)


Slimy Snail Trail!

This week we have read the text ‘Snail Trail’ by Ruth Brown. Mrs Burgess loves this simple story as the children really get stuck into their writing and can get really creative. This morning’s big write was another roaring success with all of the children producing a great Snail Trail retell.

As a little treat, Mrs Burgess brought her pet Giant African Land Snail, Sammy, ย into school so we could see and feel what a real Snail Trail felt like. Let’s just say not everybody was up for a turn! I even had some super brave Nursery children come and give him a cuddle. Sammy is a lovely, easy, laid back pet. He loves people, cuttlebones and cucumbers!

Mrs Burgess :o)