Goodbye Reception Rosen!

Hello there everyone,

I have been thinking about what I could do to say goodbye to my lovely class, and during this strange time there isn’t much that we are allowed to ‘physically’ do. However, I still wanted to mark our short time together with something for you to remember us by and so I have written us a class poem…I hope you enjoy it!

You can save a copy of the poem here, below:

I want to wish you all well as you move into Year One, your new teachers will just love you! We all will certainly never forget this year. I am going to miss you all very much. Have a fantastic summer!

Mrs Burgess ❤

Mrs B’s Book Club – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

Hola (feeling like I’m in Spain this week!),

Hope you are all great and making the most of this beautiful weather. This weather is my absolute favourite, it makes me super happy.

Today we go back to our class namesake Michael Rosen for his best known story – ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. I know lots of you (old and young!) love this story and love joining in with it, so watch the video and join in with me, it may take you back to the good old days in Reception!

Below are activities for this story, please have a go at them and send over your efforts to

Activity 1

Make a Bear Hunt map and label it! Can you remember the order of the story and where the family visited? Then use your map to retell the story to someone in your family! Don’t forget to go backwards when the bear starts to chase you!

Activity 2

Using our tricky words ‘go‘ ‘to‘ and ‘the‘ can you write some instructions for the family on their bear hunt?

Have fun with the activities,

Mrs Burgess



Mrs B’s Book Club: You Do – Nick Sharratt

Yippee! Today we go back to one of our favourite characters Daisy, in the story ‘You Do’ by Nick Sharratt. As usual, Daisy does not disappoint with her attitude in this story as she tells Mum off for the things that she does.

Don’t forget that I always include activities underneath the video that links directly to the story I have recorded! Please do have a go at them and send me a photo or an email of how you get on at

I hope you enjoy this story! Below is a suggested activity linking to this story.

Activity 1

Write some simple sentences about the things that Daisy’s Mum tells her off for. Remember to use your phonics, so the sentence at the top may turn out something like this:

She had hr maf ful

She is a tricky word, so can be spelled correctly. The other words can be sounded out to the best of the children’s ability. If they know the phase 3 digraph ‘ow’ they may write ‘mowf’. If they already know the correct spellings, absolutely encourage this!

Activity 2

What bad habits do you have? Can you write simple sentences about things that you do? Here are mine:

Have a great Wednesday, speak to you on Friday!

Mrs B ❤

A fun week at school!

Hello everyone!

I have been in school all this week and have LOVED every minute of it!

I have to admit that it has been very strange without all the children there and I have missed you all lots and lots but it has been great spending time with some children who I don’t normally get to work with.

We have spent a lot of time outside this week and have had so much fun: getting creative using paints and chalks, designing our own houses and castles with the wooden blocks, developing our physical skills through climbing, riding bikes and negotiating obstacle courses, making fat balls for the birds, developing our problem solving skills by completing some tricky jigsaws, practising our counting skills, having fun with some water play and exploring in forest school by lighting a fire and toasting some marshmallows 🙂

Take a look at some photos of the things we have been getting up to……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please remember to keep in touch with your teachers and let them know what you have been getting up to at home. Send your messages to  and they will be forwarded onto your teachers! It always puts a smile on our faces when we hear from you.

Stay safe and hope to hear from you soon

Miss Atkinson 🙂



Mrs B’s Book Club: Spinderella by Julia Donaldson

Hello everyone,

Hope we are all keeping well. I hope you are still enjoying the videos. Today we revisit Julia Donaldson but not as we usually recognise her books!

The activities linked to today’s story are all about NUMBER as numbers are Spinderella’s favourite!

Activity 1 – A Problem Solving Challenge!

Make a set of numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.


Make a set of spiders (up to 20) and cut them out.


Choose one of your flashcards. This is how many spiders are going to play football. Count them out.


Now see if you share the spiders equally into two teams. Use the ‘one for me, one for you‘ method until you have no spiders left. Make sure you check you have the SAME amount of players on both teams.  Repeat with all of the numbers, seeing if you can make all of the teams fair and equal. 


Activity 2 – How many boots?

Choose your own number and write it on a piece of paper. I have chosen number 10. That means I am going to have 10 players. Now we need to ‘work out‘ how many pairs of football boots we need for my ten players. I can draw a diagram for this. I worked out the players will need 20 boots! Repeat with different amounts on your team.


Activity 3 – Football Fun

See if you can play football like Spinderella and her brothers and sisters (you might need somebody else to play with you). See if you can do the following skills, get a grown up to take a photo of you and send it to the school email address.

Football skills – ball control

Dribbling from A to B





Thanks all, have a great weekend, looking forward to hearing how you get on with the activities

Mrs Burgess ❤

Mrs B’s Book Club: The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

Hi all!

Today we have a beautiful story from Oliver Jeffers called ‘The Way Back Home’. Mrs Weedall’s children will already be familiar with this story as they are named after Oliver Jeffers!

I love this story as it is all about friendship. Our activities today are all about our friends and friendship. I have lots of different groups of friends. Friends that I have from school, friends that are in my running club and friends that I have met along the way. They are my friends because they look after me, they make me laugh and are always so thoughtful and encouraging.

Here are your activities linking to friendship:

Activity 1

Make a list or draw a picture of your friends and label it with your names.

Activity 2

Write about one of your friends. What do they look like? What makes them a good friend to you?

Activity 3

What makes a good friend? Write some simple sentences of what you could do to be a really good friend to someone.

Mrs B’s Book Club: The Great Fairytale Disaster by David Conway

Don’t forget to keep in touch with me using the school email address – let me know how you are, show me what you’ve been up to, or just say hello!

Hello there everyone!

We are back for another story! This time it is The Great Fairytale Disaster by David Conway. The main character in this story is The Big, Bad Wolf and he causes chaos in Fairytale Land! Which is your favourite fairytale? I like a lot of fairytales because they usually have a good lesson to teach us!

I have set some fairytale related fun for this week’s activities!

Activity 1- The Gingerbread Man

Design a gingerbread man and then make him!

After you have designed and made a few gingerbread men, you can try this gingerbread science experiment to see what happens to the gingerbread when you make him swim:

Activity 2 – Goldilocks and the Three Bears theme – Make a bowl of porridge, what will you add into your porridge?

Activity 3 – Hansel and Gretel theme – Design your own candy house and label the sweets you will put on it. If you wanted to be really creative, you could have a go at making it using cardboard boxes! Here is my design:

I hope you have fun with some of those activities! Speak to you soon!

Mrs Burgess ❤