Outdoor Artists

As part of our Art week this week, 4 Edison decided to head outside. We are looking at the paintings of Henri Rousseau. Rousseau’s paintings are all based on nature and the natural world. After looking at some of his works, we took our sketch books and sketching pencils and headed outside. We looked at the nature around school and sketched some of the patterns and shapes we could see. After that, we came back and added to our sketches. Rousseau is famous for using his imagination to create paintings so we tried this technique too. Rousseau is famous for saying that no one taught him to paint, nature taught him to paint and we really enjoyed being out in nature to test this idea out.



Enjoy the sunshine!


Miss Soar 🙂

4 Edison’s Week

This week has been very busy for our class. It was our assessment week so we’ve been working really hard on our Maths, Reading and SPaG tests. Despite some challenging questions, the children have worked their socks off and have shown some fantastic progress. So a big well done to everyone in 4 Edison!


Also, we had a visit from Paul Sturgess, the tallest man in Britain who used to play professional basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters. We go to show off our basketball skills and get a group photo with him.



If that wasn’t enough, we won the smart card trophy for the first time this half term, earning 5 golden smart cards!

Thank you for all your hard work Year 4.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Soar 🙂

4 Edison’s World Book Day

A huge well done to all of 4 Edison for their fantastic World Book Day outfits. We had every kind of outfit for every kind of character. It was lovely to hear the children talk about their characters and their costumes. The children also enjoyed talking part in the Big Read, hearing stories and poems from members of staff all around school.

In our class we had Cleopatra, Cruella, Alex Rider, Winnie the Pooh and the Worst Witch. We nearly had the entire cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too! There were Roald Dahl characters, numerous Superheroes, a unicorn, two Harry Potters and a Malfoy! The most amusing character name has to go to ‘Where’s Olly’!



I hope you all enjoyed World Book Day. To quote C.S. Lewis: ‘You will never find a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.’

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Miss Soar

Super Gymnasts

On Monday, our Year 4 Gymnastics Team went to compete against other schools from Salford at the Ordsall Gymnastics Centre. The children had worked hard to learn their routines and performed them brilliantly in front of the professional judges. They did not win, but created a great score on the vault, body management and floor routine. Well done!!


Peel Hall Choir’s First Public Outing!

Today our school choir took a trip to the Ellesmere centre to perform the songs that we have been learning this term. The children sang their hearts out for an hour to help raise money for Walkden Rotary Club. The children were an absolute credit to the school and overcame nerves to sing beautiful in front of the busy shopping centre. Every single member of the choir should be incredibly proud of how hard they have worked this term and how quickly they have learnt some very tricky songs.

Next Tuesday (the 18th December) , the choir will be performing a concert starting at 3:30pm in the Junior Hall. Everyone is welcome to come along and listen to our fabulous choir show off how talented they are. There may even be a mince pie or two!

Take a look below to see us in action.



Thanks for all your support


Mrs Soar 🙂

4 Edison Science Workshop

On Tuesday we were incredibly lucky to have a workshop provided by Electricity North West. This was a fantastic introduction to our new Science topic on electricity.

In the morning, we learnt about different types of electricity: mains and battery. We investigated the voltage of different batteries and learnt that mains electricity is 230 volts! We also learnt that electricity can create 4 things: light, sound, movement and heat.


After break, we used circuit boards to create complete circuits. We experimented with using a switch and investigating how to make the light brighter and dimmer. After that, we investigated which materials would let electricity flow through them. We found out that materials that let electricity through were called conductors and those that don’t are called insulators. Metals are conductors and plastics are insulators- that’s why plugs, sockets and wires are covered in plastic, to keep us safe.

In the afternoon, we looked at adding a motor or a buzzer to our circuits. Whilst it was really fun, it got a little bit noisy!

We learnt so much about electricity today and we are really looking forward to the rest of our Science topic and learning even more about this amazing thing that lights up our life!


Thanks for reading!

Love Mrs Soar 🙂

4 Edison’s DT days!

4 Edison have had a busy couple of days to round off their half term.

On Thursday we learnt what Roman chariots are and why they were significant. We then learnt about axles and researched different items that have axles to allow wheels to move. After researching, we then designed our chariots and planned out which materials we were going to need. We rounded off Thursday by writing up our methods and making our chariots. We learnt how to measure wood accurately, how to use hand saws safely and how to use a hot glue gun. After that, we designed and attached our platforms to our axles.

On Friday, we looked at our chariots and thought about how to improve them. We then were able to modify our models so we were happy with them. Our final task was to reflect on our work and evaluate the chariots we had made.  Take a look at our creations



If that wasn’t enough, on Friday afternoon we had a go at making Roman mosaics. We had to plan our designs and then we had fun making beautiful patterns. Take a look:


A huge well done to everyone in 4 Edison for their hard work over the last 7 weeks. It has been a pleasure to get to know everyone properly and everyone should be really proud of how much they have achieved in such a short space of time. To top it off, our class won the smart cards prize for having the most smart cards over the half term which is a testimony to how fantastic everybody is. Let’s keep it going so we can be the best we can be.

Enjoy the holidays!


Mrs Soar 🙂