Outdoor Learning Ideas Part 2

Hi everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. 

Here are this week’s 5 outdoor ideas. Remember, all of these can be done in your garden or yard so stay safe and stay home! 

Sketching: Using a pencil and paper, sketch what you can see around you. Think about shading to create shadows. You could then add colour to it.

Water painting: What it says on the tin. Using a brush and some water, create an image on the floor or on the wall. You’ll have to work quickly if it’s a warm, sunny day!


Weather Journal: Keep a diary of what the weather is like each day. You could use an app or website to find out the exact temperature but you can record things like rain, sun, cloud or wind. You could use an old jar or cup to catch any rainwater and use this as part of your journal. 


Nature pictures: Use materials from around your garden to create a picture. Make sure you wash your hands after touching anything outside! 


The great avocado experiment: If you have an avocado, save the stone! By suspending it in water, you can cause the seed to root and then grow your own avocado plant! I used an old peanut butter jar and some cocktail sticks to suspend the round (rather than pointed) edge in water. If you change the water every other day, you should hopefully see a root form after a couple of weeks. This is my seed at the moment but unfortunately there isn’t a root yet. Maybe you will have better luck! 


Thanks for reading. Let me know how you get on with any of your activities!

Take care, Miss Soar.

P.S. If you’re in 4 Edison, I’ve sent you a challenge on TTRockstars. Feel free to send me a challenge on Rockslam if you fancy it! 

Hello everyone!

Afterrnoon, I hope everyone has been keeping busy and safe. I can’t wait to hear all 4 Naismith’s stories.

Two weeks off from school has felt like a very long time and I miss my class a lot! I have been keeping busy by cleaning my house lots and lots. I have also been baking many things ( all including chocolate – 4 Naismith know how much I like chocolate). I have even started to learn sign language. I have told my class many times that I would love to learn sign language and this seemed like the perfect time to start my new skill. This week I have focused on the alphabet and numbers 1-10. Do you think you could have a try?

If you are stuck on things to do during this time, have a look at the pictures/ ideas attached below. You can complete these with your grown ups over several days/ weeks. I can’t wait to see some of your ideas!

Finally, I am sharing the story we read together on our last day to remind you that you are all superheros and helping very much by staying at home.

Have a lovely weekend and post back any comments or share your activities.

Stay safe and be kind.

Miss Milan – Snee 🙂

Year 4: Science Investigators!

In Year 4, we have been learning about digestion in our Science lessons. We have learnt about the digestive system, teeth and food chains. We decided to investigate the food chains around our school grounds. We started on the Junior playground and found evidence of leaves and grass; these plants are producers and start off a food chain. When we went to the Infant playground, we found lots of different plants and some insects as well. We even found some bird poo! Not the most exciting thing to find but we could work out that birds had visited the area and eaten some of the producers and insects on our yard.

Take a look at our pictures of us looking very official with our clipboards:


Thanks for reading!

Miss Soar and Miss Milan-Snee 🙂

4 Edison’s Amazing Maths

Last week, Year 4 were learning about area. We learnt that the area of a shape is the space inside it and is measured in squares. Because we were so brilliant at area, we had a problem solving lesson to finish off our learning. We had challenges such as:

  • Make 2 different shapes with an area of 10 square centimetres
  • Make a rectangle with an area of 16 square centimetres
  • Choose 16 squares of one colour and 4 of another colour, make a shape where none of the 4 squares are touching.

Take a look at our efforts:


Thanks for looking, take care

Miss Soar 🙂

Chester Zoo Workshops

Over the last 4 weeks, Year 3 and 4 have been enjoying workshops from Chester Zoo. The workshops, entitled Wildlife Connections helped us connect to the natural world outside. Here is what 4 Edison have been up to:

On our first week, we explored outside to find evidence of living things. We saw some plants and  mini beasts and we used our detective skills to work out what wildlife might have been there before. By finding nests and spider webs, we could work out that other animals have been there.

On our second week, we discussed what a habitat is and played a game that shows us what happens when we take things from an animal’s habitat. We learnt that we are dependant on nature to stay alive so we need to ensure we protect the wildlife around us.

On our third week, we began by thinking about how long materials stay on our planet. We talked about using sustainable swaps to stop so much rubbish being thrown away. Then we played a game to show how we can help the wildlife around our school and in our gardens at home.

On our final week, we reflected on what we had learnt and put our ideas into practise. We managed to pick up nearly a full bag of litter from our playground in just 10 minutes!

We have really enjoyed learning about how to protect the wildlife around us and we are looking forward to our trip to Chester Zoo next week. We have lots of ideas of how to keep animals and plants safe so if you need any advice, just ask!

4 Edison’s Week

4 Edison had a very busy first week back. On Monday and Tuesday, we had our Science days where we started learning about the states of matter. We learnt what makes a solid, liquid and a gas and then used our knowledge to carry out two experiments. We tested to see how temperature affects the melting point of chocolate and how salt affects the melting point of ice. We’ve lots more experiments and investigations planned this half term so keep your eyes peeled for that. We also learnt about the water cycle and learnt a very memorable song about it!


On Friday, we got given our new recorders so we spent our music lesson learning how to hold them and how to play a B. We’ll carry on learning how to play the different notes over the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Soar 🙂

Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone and a belated Merry Christmas. I thought you’d like to see some of the pictures from our party day before the holidays. We had a lovely day filled with a quiz, bingo, a film, popcorn, party games and lots of food! Luckily, we were able to give the leftovers to a homeless shelter and to a local food bank so nothing went to waste.


This term already looks to be a very busy one so keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts to see what we have been up to.

Take care,

Miss Soar 🙂