This Week In Peel Hall Juniors

Hi Peel Hall children,

We hope you are well and keeping safe with your families. This week we have been very busy in the Peel Hall juniors. We started with a project based around a great book called Egg Drop by Mini Grey.

Egg Drop Book Cover

The book tells the story of an egg that was determined to fly, even though the hens told him he couldn’t. He climbs a tower, jumps off and… SPLAT!! The children used the story to inspire them to write a poem written through the eyes of the egg. Then, they retold the story through a comic strip. The children also designed and tested a egg protector that would cushion the egg’s fall. Finally, they created some Egg Drop artwork with oil pastel drawings of the egg before the leap and after the leap. The colours reflected his feelings.

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We had a ‘mapping day’ on Wednesday. We went into the Forest School to create a story map and a natural materials map of the Forest School grounds. After that, we came back into the class to create an island with a theme of our choosing on a large sheet. We added some features to our island and put a grid over it. Then, our friends had to find the grid references of all the features. It was great fun!

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We also did some 3D art work of our hands and followed instructions of an illustrator to draw cartoon dinosaurs. They looked really cool.

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We’ve had a great week. Thanks for being superstars a trying so hard.

Mr Sutherland and Mrs Hilton-Le.

Y5 Peake Getting In Touch

Hi Peel Hall children,

I hope everyone is well. I know it is tough but it is important we all stay safe. I have been mixing work with some nice family time. I’ve been doing a lot of decorating and exercising, I’m exhausted now!

I have heard from a my class a few times over the last two weeks. Pharrell and Angel sent me their answers to Mr Irving’s quiz. They did a great job and I have passed it on to him.

Last Friday, I spent time with my family celebrating VE day. We had afternoon tea and played games. I’m not the only one who was celebrating. Isla and her family sent in pictures of them celebrating VE day and taking an interest in photos that we up in their street. Well done girls.

The Furnivals have also got very creative with their paint. They have covered the garden and each other, but came out with some lovely pictures that they sent in. Almost good enough to get a puppy, eh Isla!

Finally, I have had a very special message sent from Louie. Whilst staying safe with his family, Louie has celebrated his 10th birthday. From the photos, it looked like he was having a wonderful time. He made delicious looking cakes, had special balloons and even chilled out in a hot tub! It looked amazing! I will sing Happy Birthday to you when we’re back in.

Please let me know what you have been up to, including photos where possible. Write to me at . It always puts a smile on my face to hear from you as I miss you lots.

Stay safe and be kind to your family,

Take care,

Mr Sutherland

Year 5 Peake Getting In Touch

Hi Peel Hall children,

It was lovely to hear from a couple of my class today. Firstly, Scarlett has sent me details and pictures of the lava lamp she has made. She also sent me instructions on how to make it! It looks brilliant Scarlett, thanks so much.



Angel has also sent me a message with all the work she has been doing at home. She sent me photos of her maths, SPAG, skills and she has even written a fantastic poem. What a super star!

Great work girls. Please keep letting me know what you are doing Y5 Peake (or any other children) because I miss you all. Email me at peel .

Take care, stay safe and be kind.

Mr Sutherland


Design & Technology Ideas

Hi Peel Hall children,

I hope you are all staying safe and being helpful. I have tried to keep my kids busy in a number of ways, but the ideas they love the most are the D&T projects we do. Whether it is cooking, building or designing, they love it! Sometimes it is just having the ideas of what to do with minimal resources that is the problem. So here are a few things you could do at home without needing lots of materials:

Design a space shuttle with everything you’d want on/in it

Make a marble run

Design and make a healthy meal with a starter, main and dessert

Make a marshmallow catapult

DIY Marshmallow Catapult | The TipToe Fairy

Make a water wheel

Create your own Lego city

Get the "Kids" (especially the girls) in Your Life LEGOs - Fuentek

Design and make a boat that floats and is wind propelled

how to make a toy boat with masts | Boat crafts, Homemade toys ...

Make your own book ends

How to Make Dinosaur Bookends - Pinterest Addict

Bake a cake

Design a flag and make a moving pulley to put it on

Build a flag pole with pulleys Week 2 - Science Centers - Miss ...#

Make a cardboard box monster

DIY Monster basteln. Einfach mit Karton *** DIY  fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft.

Make a pendulum painting

STEM Activity: Pendulum Painting

Here are a few websites with ideas:

10 Awesome Force And Motion Activities And Extra Resources

Let me know how you got on with these creative tasks by emailing me on and please include pictures.

Take care,

Mr Sutherland


5 Peake Getting In Touch

Hi Peel Hall children,

I’m in school this week and have enjoyed spending some time with children that are not in my class. This made me miss my class even more. So, you can imagine how happy I was to get messages sent to me from 5 Peake pupils telling me what they have been up to.

Aisha has written me some beautiful letters. She has told me how thoughtful her and her family have been during this difficult time. What a kind girl she is.

Aisha Photo

I have also been kept up to speed with what Isla and her family have been up to. They have been taking part in active challenges and baking an Easter cake (with some help from mum). What a super star!Isla F Photo

I’d love to hear from other children in my class (or any other class). Please let me know what your have been up to by emailing .

Also, have a look at my blog entries (you can see them all if you click on the Year 5 link at the top of the blog) and have a go at some of the challenges. Please add comments to the blog pages.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Take care and be kind,

Mr Sutherland

Mr Sutherland’s Skills Challenge

Hi Peel Hall children,

I’m back in school this week and I have created a skills challenge using a ball. Callum Davis (and his mum) got in touch to let me know how Callum did during the Active Challenge. He has been given the task of practising his keep ups by his football coach so I thought it would be a chance to try new skills using a ball.

Watch the video, have a go with a ball, then let me know how you got on in the blog comments.

Stay safe and be kind,

Mr Sutherland



Mr Sutherland’s Bake Off!!

Hi Peel Hall children,

I’ve been looking at our Design & Technology lessons a lot recently and it inspired me to get the family involved in our very own family Great British Bake Off competition.

With the very important judges looking on (me and my wife), my three daughters were given the ingredients to complete three different challenges. They had to design and make their own versions of:

The signature dish – Easter cornflake cakes

The technical challenge – hot cross buns

The show stopper – an NHS theme ice cream sundae

My girls won a round each but the overall Star Baker was… Lily-Rose!

Why don’t you take on the D&T challenge with your family. You can use our dishes or think of ones of your own.

Let me know how you got on in the blog comments below. Also, scroll down through the blog and have a go at Mr Sutherland’s Active Challenge and let me know how you got on in the blog comments.

Mr Sutherland

Ready… Steady… Bake!!

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