RE week in Year 3

It is RE week and this year Year 3 are learning about Islam. This half term we are looking at what Muslims believe in and what they do to be a Muslim. We have learned that they use a prayer mat when they pray 5 times a day. When anyone enters their place of worship they would take their shoes off as a sign of respect. We know how important the 5 pillars are within a Muslims daily life.

We have enjoyed looking at all the Islam artefacts and speaking to children in our class who practice the Islam faith.

Christmas has arrived in Nursery!

Christmas time arrived at Nursery this morning in the form of decorations!

The children had a BRILLIANT time this morning making our classroom all Christmassy.

They created their very own decorations for our classroom Christmas tree and as we have been learning about squares, triangles, rectangles and circles, we decided to incorporate these into our decorations.

We used lots of glitter! and are very pleased with how our classroom looks….

What do you think? ….Have we done a good job?…..

Miss Atkinson 🙂

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Today we have started some very small steps towards feeling festive in Reception. We have spent the afternoon decorating our homemade Christmas tree, which looks super, I am sure you’ll agree!

Following the week’s learning on the Gingerbread Man, the children have written some amazing new versions of the story and have been allowed to make their own Gingerbread Men with Mrs Davies and Miss Tsang, I hope they were yummy!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Burgess :o)