Fun in the Forest!!

Today in the forest some of the year 6 life skills group have been doing lots of different activities. this included setting up and being able to set up the big Tarp that we put up in the fire circle to give everyone some shade or to use as a quiet area.

some of the year 6s wanted to make a kazoo using a split piece of wood and elastic bands and the assembled it to make a sound.

Another group of children Archie,Anna,Jasmine and sky worked really hard together being very imaginative constructed a Den using various ~Materials that they found in the forest.

They are looking forward to continuing the Den next week and want to ‘Chill’ inside it.

Mr Lowe & Mrs Phoenix

Year 2’s Trip to Blackpool Zoo!

Yesterday we went to Blackpool Zoo. We had a wonderful day! We saw lots of animals including guinea pigs, lions, anteaters, giraffes, elephants, gorillas, orangutans,  flamingos, tigers, monkeys, a giant tortoise and many more! At lunch time we met some cheeky seagulls who were trying to steal are lunches, they even managed to steal Miss Sighe’s sandwich! We did a lot of walking and exploring and we enjoyed it that much we would love to go back. What a fantastic end of year trip!