Year 6 IXL Amazing Update

Hi to all year 6,
The IXL students have achieved the AMAZING milestone of independently completing 100,000 questions. Absoblooming brilliant, well done I’m proud of you all.

Since September students have:
SPENT 480 hr 28 min PRACTISING
achieved excellence in 350 year 6 English skills! View certificate 18 May 2020
achieved excellence in 900 year 6 maths skills! View certificate 15 May 2020
answered 65,000 maths questions! View certificate 12 May 2020

As this is completed in their own time it demonstrates a determined eagerness to to progress their learning.

Below is the progress and achievement certificates for students who logged on this week.

Lilly-Mae Barnes 866 questions 4 hr 50 min Last practised yesterday
Lilly-Mae Barnes has answered 11,500 maths questions! View certificate21 May 2020
Lilly-Mae Barnes has achieved excellence in 320 year 6 skills on IXL! View certificate19 May
Lilly-Mae Barnes has achieved excellence in 255 year 6 maths skills! View certificate19 May Lilly-Mae Barnes has achieved excellence in 250 year 6 maths skills! View certificate19 May Lilly-Mae Barnes has answered 11,000 maths questions! View certificate16 May 2020
Lilly-Mae Barnes has achieved excellence in 310 year 6 skills on IXL! View certificate16 May Lilly-Mae Barnes has achieved excellence in 245 year 6 maths skills! View certificate16 May

Declan Bowling 88 questions 11 minutes Last practised 6 days ago

John Corless 45 questions 18 minutes Last practised yesterday

Lillie Johnstone 138 questions 44 minutes Last practised 6 days ago
Lillie Johnstone has answered 2,000 maths questions! View certificate 17 May 2020
Lillie Johnstone has achieved excellence in 25 year 6 English skills! View certificate 17 May

Matt Katoozi 43 questions 14 minutes Last practised yesterday
Matt Katoozi has spent 10 hours practising English! View certificate17 May 2020

Samuel Mezaros 137 questions 49 minutes Last practised yesterday

Gateka Precieuse 12 questions 9 minutes Last practised 3 days ago

Agape Semukanya 91 questions 41 minutes Last practised yesterday
Agape Semukanya has spent 5 hours practising English! View certificate22 May 2020

Well done to all the above for their continued efforts, if any of you are in touch with other students encourage them to log on to their accounts and get their name published on the school blog.
Lilly-Mae only 21 skills to go to complete all 276 Math skills, then only 51 English skills to complete the 106 English skills. Go on girl you can do it!
I’m looking forward to being in school next week as it’s my turn on the teachers rota, even better we (year 6) should be back in some time early June.
Mr H

Year 1


Hope you are all safe and well. I am in school this week, we have been thinking about why we clap on our doorsteps on Thursday nights. Who are we all clapping for? What is a key worker? Why are they a key worker?

The children in school created a mind map of all the key workers they knew, some of their parents are key workers so they talked about how they help us.

We clap on Thursday nights at 8pm to say a HUGE thank you to all the key workers who are everyday risking their lives to help us through this very strange time.

Suggested activities.

  1. Write a list of key workers you know.
  2. Draw and label key workers.
  3. Write simple sentences about the key workers

A doctor helps people who are sick.

A scientist finds out about the virus.

4. Make a key worker scarecrow like we have made at school.  I will post some pictures tomorrow of the key worker scarecrows we have made so far.

I hope you have as much as we did with these activities.

Keep reading, keep practicing your 2s, 5s and 10s times tables and most of all stay safe.

Miss you all lots.

I would love to hear from you, you can send any photos to our school email.

Miss Harrison

Year 5

Wednesday Super 6 Qulz

Hi to all Y5..complete the questions correctly and win a prize when we return…

1. In what year did the vocaloid singer Hatsune Miku release her first song? (Isla question)

2. Which part of London is known as ‘Little Venice’?

3. What was the popular app ‘Tic-Tok’ previously called (Another Isla question)

4. In which English city will you find Trent Bridge, The City Ground  and Meadow Lane?

5. Add the brackets to this sentence
Southport which is a coastal town is popular with motor cyclists.

6. Tyson the dog wants to buy a new car. The car costs £550 but Tyson only has £394. How much more money does Tyson need to buy the car.

Best Wishes,

Mr Irving.

Mrs B’s Book Club: You Do – Nick Sharratt

Yippee! Today we go back to one of our favourite characters Daisy, in the story ‘You Do’ by Nick Sharratt. As usual, Daisy does not disappoint with her attitude in this story as she tells Mum off for the things that she does.

Don’t forget that I always include activities underneath the video that links directly to the story I have recorded! Please do have a go at them and send me a photo or an email of how you get on at

I hope you enjoy this story! Below is a suggested activity linking to this story.

Activity 1

Write some simple sentences about the things that Daisy’s Mum tells her off for. Remember to use your phonics, so the sentence at the top may turn out something like this:

She had hr maf ful

She is a tricky word, so can be spelled correctly. The other words can be sounded out to the best of the children’s ability. If they know the phase 3 digraph ‘ow’ they may write ‘mowf’. If they already know the correct spellings, absolutely encourage this!

Activity 2

What bad habits do you have? Can you write simple sentences about things that you do? Here are mine:

Have a great Wednesday, speak to you on Friday!

Mrs B ❤

Hello 😃👋

What a lovely sunny day! I hope you are all having lots of fun 😎. Remember to put on your sun lotion though and wear a hat.

I wanted to share this list of fun things to do outside with you all. It has some great ideas to keep you all entertained.

I would love to hear from you if you manage to try any of these.

Take care and stay safe. I hope to see you all soon.

Maths Challenges

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing ok. 

I’m in a Maths mood today so here are 5 Maths questions for Year 4 (or anyone if you fancy it!) to have a go at.

  1. The 4 types of triangles are: equilateral, isosceles, scalene and right-angled. How can we recognise these triangles? What are their properties? What might they look like? 

2. 2 pizzas cost £9. How much will 5 pizzas cost?

3. A tower is made up of 10 identical blocks. Each block is 6cm tall. 

  • How tall is the whole tower?
  • Four of the bricks are removed, how tall is the tower now?
  • How many bricks would needed to make a 90cm tower? 

4. Here are 4 numbers. 1330    1015     2941    3645            Which is the odd one out? Explain your answer as there could be more than one correct answer!

5. What is the first number greater than 100 that is a multiple of both 3 and 6? How do you know?

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the challenges! Let me know how you get on with any of your activities! Remember, you can email any pictures or messages to and they will get passed on to the correct teacher. 

Take care, Miss Soar.


The Seaside

Hello Year 2

This lovely weather has got me thinking about the beach and the seaside. This summer we were going to be learning about the seaside and the different oceans around the world.

I have found this short video that talks about our world and the 5 oceans. You might even remember some of the facts about Africa in the video that you learnt with Miss Johnstone.

I would like you to research on of the oceans in the video and write me a factfile about the different information that you have learnt about your ocean.

There is a tamplate below as well as some useful links to help you. Don’t forget to email your work to so I can see the amazing work you are doing.

Mr Bean

Here is Lenny’s factifle he has chosen to write about the animals in the Pacific ocean.