Staying Safe and Being a Good Friend on Apps, Sites and Games

LGfL (London Grid for Learning) have put together this letter for parents and carers and we, at Peel Hall Primary School, would like to share it with you today.

Staying Safe and Being a Good Friend on Apps, Sites and Games

Children and young people have spent much more time on devices than ever before during lockdown, so as we approach the summer holidays, here is some information about staying safe online and principles you can remind your children about.

There is a handy fridge flyer to help parents at which you may want to print out and keep.

Please do not worry too much about screen time – think instead about screen quality, balance and mental health. The Children’s Commissioner has provided a framework called the ‘Digital Five a Day’ with five things to think about each day to help put that into practice.

It is really important children get the opportunity to chat to friends, so it’s great to hear that many of them have been chatting online during lockdown. We are sure that this will continue over the summer, so please reinforce some key messages about appropriate behaviour to keep everyone safe and happy.

There have been reports of children being upset by bullying on chat apps, as well as some very distressing images being shared between friendship groups. This can usually be avoided if children and young people are reminded to look out for their friends, not say anything that they wouldn’t like to hear themselves, and always stop or stand up for others if someone gets upset.

Please remind your children never to share scary or rude images, even to complain about them. If they do see something that worries them or that might be wrong, all they need to do is ask for help from a trusted adult. They could talk to you, or they may feel more comfortable talking anonymously to Childline. If you or they are concerned about an adult’s behaviour towards a child online, report them to CEOP. And as a parent, you can also contact the NSPCC – O2 advice line on 0808 800 5002.

One more thing – this may sound like more relevant to older children, but the very youngest children need reminding not to get undressed or changed online. There’s a fun song to get this message across at (plus background information for you).

Year 6 Life Skills

So far in IT life skills, we have taken photos of the other groups and written captions for the blog. Mr Johnson tells us we can look forward to learning some useful tricks for using computers that he wishes he had been taught when he was in school.

These are pictures of the life skills group called Cooking. They are explaining about some cooking equipment that they will use in other cooking lessons. They are also using different kinds of equipment to learn about how they are used and are taste-testing different foods. As you can see in this picture, there are a variety of different kinds of equipment that are used in cooking.

This group is called Money Management.On this day they played a game called Monopoly.In this game you have to move around the board using a dice, picking up properties.Once you have enough to buy a properties you buy it. Then when someone lands on your property they have to pay a fine.

This is the life skills Library group. They deliver to other classes so the classes have reading books for the next week to get clever. Cool isn’t it! Join our school today!