Year 1 blast off!

1 Kandinsky have created some fabulous rockets as part of their homework this half term. I’m so impressed by the creativity which is on display here. In addition the winter pictures which have been brought in are fantastic. Some have even made it onto our science wall. Great effort Year 1!image.jpg


Welcome back Year 1!

It’s been a very busy start to the Year in Year 1. As well as getting used to all the different books we use. Also, we have been making a flying start to our Science topic all about the seasons of the year. We even had fantastic  science show from Mr Bowden!  We have collected data on leaves to make block charts as well as showing off our amazing number skills in our mathematics lessons. A super start Year 1, well done!

Fire safety visit

Today, Year 2 had a very special visit from Will, a firefighter at the Eccles fire station. He came to answer our questions about fire and to teach us about fire safety. We came up with lots of great questions and now know how to keep ourselves and friends safe. Thanks, Will!

Librarian elections

During the last few weeks, somewhere between learning how to find fractions of number and rehearsing for our production of the Nativity (it’s looking very good so far) 2Pankhurst noticed  that our reading area looked a little less fantastic than usual. We put our thinking heads together and came up with the idea of holding an election for the position of ‘Class Librarian’. Each member of the class cast a vote and elected two children to help recommend new books and keep our book area looking brilliant. We learnt a little bit about how democracy works too!

Great work, superstars!


Year 2 have excelled themselves with their superb homework efforts this half term. My class is currently occupied by a bunch of wild, scary dinosaurs! Certainly an excellent effort by all! Well done everybody – a great start to our homework projects this year.

A creative start to Year 2

Over the course of the last 6 weeks, 2 Pankhurst have been learning about various types of materials and their properties. We have used our knowledge to build study houses for the Three Little Pigs with the help of Mr. B. We have applied our knowledge to improve our creative skills by using clay, a very useful medium, to create models of dinosaur feet – just like the skeleton we saw in Manchester Museum. In addition, we have created one of the 5Ks of Sikhism – the Kirpan. Our ability to work as a team has really helped us learn more about the skills we have used and improve our knowledge of the world we live in, both in the present time, as well as what it was like 65 million years ago! Look out for our next topic – ‘Fire’ which we will be learning about after half term. I am really happy with the brilliant start everyone has made to Year 2 and I’m looking forward to the next half term already!

A visit from Professor Poet and Enterprise day

We’ve certainly had busy week in Reception. On Monday we had great fun watching and joining in with a performance by the Rhyme Rocket team which was certainly the funniest thing we have experienced all year. Wednesday saw Reception A, along with all the other classes at Peel Hall, take part in our first ‘Enterprise day’. Our brief was to begin to understand the meaning of ‘community’ with Reception A creating a model of the local area. The children worked in teams to create different buildings, roads, parks and shops from the surrounding community and had great fun putting it altogether. Our week of excitement is still not over as our school trip takes place this Friday. Keep a look out for some brilliant animal pictures. 🐷🐮🐶🐔🐰🐤🐴