Mrs B’s Book Club is BACK!


Hello everyone!

Sorry for my huge absence with Book Club, I have been very busy teaching my school bubble and couldn’t quite manage to squeeze it in. However, now it’s the Summer Holidays I am back and ready to introduce you to some new stories! I am currently unsure of which days the stories will be posted and how often, but I am hoping to post my first one of the summer this Friday.

I hope you will continue to let me know what you think about the stories and keep engaged with the Book Club, when I see you comment, I know that people are watching them!

Look forward to hearing from you on Friday!

Mrs Burgess ❤

Goodbye Reception Rosen!

Hello there everyone,

I have been thinking about what I could do to say goodbye to my lovely class, and during this strange time there isn’t much that we are allowed to ‘physically’ do. However, I still wanted to mark our short time together with something for you to remember us by and so I have written us a class poem…I hope you enjoy it!

You can save a copy of the poem here, below:

I want to wish you all well as you move into Year One, your new teachers will just love you! We all will certainly never forget this year. I am going to miss you all very much. Have a fantastic summer!

Mrs Burgess ❤

Mrs B’s Book Club: Tiger Ways – Kes Gray

Hello everybody,

Today’s story is Tiger Ways by Kes Gray! It’s another Daisy story – yippee! I think Daisy is becoming one of my favourite book characters, I think she is fantastic!

This story teaches us about Tigers and how they live, do you like Tigers?

I hope you have a brilliant week ahead,

Speak to you soon,

Mrs Burgess ❤

Mrs B’s Book Club: Owl Babies – Martin Waddell

Hi again everybody,

Hope you are all well!

Here is today’s story, ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. I have suggested some activities below that link to the story.

Activity 1

Can you use the word mat pictured below to write some simple sentences about the story. Maybe you could describe their nest? Remember, you are using a word mat which is a different skill to using phonics. Search for the word you are looking for and include it in your sentence.

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 20.24.52

Activity 2

Can you find the totals to the owl number sentences? If you want a further challenge, can you record the number sentences to go with them?

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 20.23.51

Activity 3

Using things you can find out and about from outdoors (sticks, twigs and leaves), can you build your own Owl Babies nest? What will you need to keep the babies warm and cosy?

Hope you have fun doing these activities!

Love Mrs Burgess

Mrs B’s Book Club – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

Hola (feeling like I’m in Spain this week!),

Hope you are all great and making the most of this beautiful weather. This weather is my absolute favourite, it makes me super happy.

Today we go back to our class namesake Michael Rosen for his best known story – ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. I know lots of you (old and young!) love this story and love joining in with it, so watch the video and join in with me, it may take you back to the good old days in Reception!

Below are activities for this story, please have a go at them and send over your efforts to

Activity 1

Make a Bear Hunt map and label it! Can you remember the order of the story and where the family visited? Then use your map to retell the story to someone in your family! Don’t forget to go backwards when the bear starts to chase you!

Activity 2

Using our tricky words ‘go‘ ‘to‘ and ‘the‘ can you write some instructions for the family on their bear hunt?

Have fun with the activities,

Mrs Burgess



Mrs B’s Book Club: The Teddy Robber – Ian Beck

Hello to you all,

I hope you are all still well and looking after one another. Today we have a story that I have shared with Reception Rosen before. The Teddy Robber, by Ian Beck. My class really enjoyed this story, it is a special one for me.

Below are three more activities that you can do in relation to this story. 

Activity 1

Tell me all about your teddy bear! Write some simple sentences about your bear. Remember to include full stops and finger spaces, and use your phonics for words that you are not sure of.

Activity 2

Play hide and seek with someone in your household, and your bear. Hide your bear in your garden or in your house. You MUST give the other person instructions as to where your teddy is hiding. For example…my bear is hiding UNDER something green. My bear is hiding on top of something shiny. Then you can swap and let somebody give you the instructions. This activity is really good for building up your prepositional vocabulary, your ability to give simple instructions and your ability to listen to simple instructions. 

Activity 3

This one you will need your grown ups help with to read the questions to you. I want you to use toys of your own (they don’t have to be teddies), to help you find the answers to these problems.

There are five teddies (toys) on the shelf. The Teddy Robber takes away 3 of them to his castle, how many are left?

There are seven teddies (toys) on the shelf. The Teddy Robber gives 4 back. How many teddies are on the shelf?

There are 8 teddies (toys) on the shelf. The Teddy Robber takes 3 back to his castle, how many are left?

There are 10 teddies (toys). The Teddy Robber would like to share them equally with you. How many can you both have?

There are 12 teddies (toys). The Teddy Robber would like to share them equally with you. How many can you both have?

If you want to challenge yourself, you can record these as number sentences. Think about if the problems are adding together (getting bigger) or taking away (getting smaller), some of them might even be sharing questions.

Good luck!

Mrs Burgess