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Nursery Murphy Dojo Winner

This weeks Dojo winner is Summer!

Every week Summer hopes she will be our Dojo winner and this week her time has come!

Summer was very very happy when her name was announced.

“Thank you Miss Atkinson for giving me the Dojo Winner…. I’m going to tell my mum, she will be so happy!” said Summer.

Summer has achieved the Dojo winner certificate this week for making the right choices. If Summer comes across a problem within her play with her peers, she remembers our rule, and she comes to tell a grown up straight away so she can be supported to find a way to solve the problem.

Well done Summer – you definitely deserve to be our winner this week!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Murphy Dojo Winner

This week’s Dojo winner is Annalise!

Annalise is a very kind, caring young girl. She always follows our rules and routines at school and works very hard. Annalise tends to take a step back when joining in with activities and at carpet time and prefers to observe what is happening but during this week I have started to see Annalise grow in confidence and begin to join in with more of the activities we have on offer.

Keep up the good work Annalise!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

World Book Day in Nursery Murphy

We have had a fabulous day in Nursery today 🙂

The children all looked amazing in their costumes and we spoke about which word they were dressed as. We had a whole range of different words from sleepy to princess, magical to hero, dinosaur to football, mermaid to unicorn and even the solar system!

We shared lots of stories today – some which were brand new to us and some of our favourites such as Little Rabbit Foo Foo.

Take a look at all the fabulous Nursery children…..

World Book day landed perfectly for us today as Friday is the day the Nursery children get to choose their next Book Club Book to take home and share with their grown ups.

Today some more children reached their Book Club milestones and received their certificates – well done!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Scientists

Over the last two days the Nursery children have become scientists!

It all started on Wednesday morning when the children received a letter from Fredrick and Matilda the Scientists. The letter explained what it means to be a scientist and then set out different challenges for the children to complete.

The first challenge was all about transport – the children had to name and sort the transport in terms of where they travel – in the air, on the land or in the water.

The second challenge was all about magnets – the children had to investigate what magnets do and explore which objects were attracted to the magnets and which were not.

The third challenge involved water – the children had to investigate which objects would float in the water and which objects would sink.

The final challenges all revolved around working out things move or how we can make them move. The children had to investigate which items they could move by blowing on them and which were too heavy to be moved by their breath.

The children also investigated how to move water from one place to another. The steeper the guttering, the better the water traveled. We also explored how the same idea applies to when we roll cars down the guttering – the steeper the slope, the faster the car traveled.

And how bicycle, tricycles and scooters move. The faster the pedals were pushed, the faster the wheels turned and the faster the bike moved.

The children have learnt lots of new vocabulary over the last two days and have become great scientists!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Pancake Day in Nursery

Yesterday the Nursery children joined in with the Pancake celebrations.

We read the book ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ and learnt about which ingredients are needed to make pancakes.

We spoke about some of our favourite toppings which we like to add to our pancakes such as chocolate spread, strawberries, blueberries, ice cream, banana and the traditional lemon and sugar.

The children were then invited to taste some delicious pancakes although some children did pull some very strange faces when they tasted the sour lemon juice!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Murphy Dojo Winner

This week’s Dojo winner is Harry!

Harry has really impressed me this week with his participation during phonics time.

Harry is learning lots of new phonemes and graphemes and is just starting to be able to recognise words that are orally blended and segmented by an adult.

Harry was so proud of himself!

Well done Harry 🙂

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Book Club

Alana has now reached the milestone of reading 5 of our wonderful Book Club stories

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Nursery parents/carers in supporting their children with our Book Club and helping to instill that all important love of books!

Miss Atkinson 🙂

Nursery Murphy Dojo Winner

This weeks dojo winner is Hollie!

Hollie has been waiting such a long time to be our dojo winner and she was very very happy to be awarded this achievement this week!

Hollie could be dojo winner every week because she is such a kind, caring, hardworking young girl but I have chosen to wait until this week to award Hollie as the dojo winner because over the last few weeks Hollie has been growing in confidence when talking to her teachers and this week she has been talking lots! – about all the learning we have been doing, about her likes/dislikes and her family – Hollie has just been a superstar this week!

I am very proud of you Hollie! and seeing the smile on your face when I announced you as our dojo winner was simply priceless 🙂

Miss Atkinson 🙂