Mrs B’s Book Club: Shark in the Park!

Welcome back to another day of Mrs B’s Book Club! Today we have Lillie’s request, ‘Shark in the Park’. I just love Nick Sharratt’s books but especially his illustrations!

How GLORIOUS is this sunshine!? I hope you are all making the most of it!

Suggested activities to follow this book are suggested below.

  1. Make yourself a telescope! Be as creative as you wish, can you make yours better than Timothy Pope’s?


2. Use your telescope to play ‘I Spy’ type games. Something beginning with ‘m’….something that rhymes with ‘cat’… ‘I spy a r-o-ck’…’I Spy five leaves’…there’s so many things you can find using your new telescope!

Let me know if you make one and how you choose how to decorate it!

Mrs Burgess ❤

6 thoughts on “Mrs B’s Book Club: Shark in the Park!

  1. Well Mrs Burgess you impressed Reina tonight she said she loves your outfit and she really really needs to give u a big hug but she just can’t 😢, keep your stories coming it’s our favourite thing to sit and watch you xxx

    • Oh bless her, we will have the biggest hug when we go back to school! And thank you for the compliments on my outfit Reina, that is very kind, haha! Special edition Book Club coming tomorrow 😀

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