Mr Sutherland’s Bake Off!!

Hi Peel Hall children,

I’ve been looking at our Design & Technology lessons a lot recently and it inspired me to get the family involved in our very own family Great British Bake Off competition.

With the very important judges looking on (me and my wife), my three daughters were given the ingredients to complete three different challenges. They had to design and make their own versions of:

The signature dish – Easter cornflake cakes

The technical challenge – hot cross buns

The show stopper – an NHS theme ice cream sundae

My girls won a round each but the overall Star Baker was… Lily-Rose!

Why don’t you take on the D&T challenge with your family. You can use our dishes or think of ones of your own.

Let me know how you got on in the blog comments below. Also, scroll down through the blog and have a go at Mr Sutherland’s Active Challenge and let me know how you got on in the blog comments.

Mr Sutherland

Ready… Steady… Bake!!

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2 thoughts on “Mr Sutherland’s Bake Off!!

  1. Isla is the number 1 baker in our house from cookies and brownies to banana cake and flapjacks, we’ve also had home made pizza from scratch, we also have daily smoothies. She is literally just left alone in the kitchen and cracks on (I do the in and out of oven stuff) so yep that’s literally what she got for Christmas her own baking equipment 😂 and I have got to say her baking is always delicious, we did try to make honey comb let’s just say it is very difficult and we will not be trying it again soon.

    • That doesn’t surprise me. Isla is a creative, bright girl who can get very focused on a task. My youngest, Isobel, is in Y5 and she baked some lovely hot cross buns. My only confusion with this is why I haven’t been brought in samples of her cooking? I can’t wait to try it when we come back!
      Lovely to hear from you, keep me in the loop.

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