Magic painting

Morning Boys and Girls

I hope you are all well on this lovely sunny morning.

For the activity today all you will need is a paintbrush of some kind, a pot of water and some sunshine.

Painting with water is one of those activities that you will absolutely love to do and you can spend hours doing this over and over again.

Now because you are only going to use water you can paint anywhere your grown-up tells you to in your outside space.

What you can do

  • You can explore and experiment with your mark making, creating different types of shapes, circles, swirls, squiggles and clouds. You can make them really big or really small.
  • You can draw lines of different sizes, and talk about which one is short or which one is long. When you have drawn even more, you can then talk about which lines are shorter and longer when you compare them.
  • You can write your name.
  • Put lots of water on to your brush and see how far away you can flick your water.
  • You can even paint your garden fence.

Now before I mentioned the word ‘magic’. I want you see what happens to the water when you paint in the sunshine. Does it always stay there ? What happens to your painting ? Where does the water go ? What does the sun do the water ?

Let me know how your magic painting goes and if you can answer any of my questions.

Don’t forget it is important to keep practising your number and rhyming skills everyday.

Thinking of you all, missing you lots.

Mrs Weedall

5 thoughts on “Magic painting

  1. I love this activity Mrs Weedall. Creating patterns and writing your name. My daughter used to love making marks on the fence, up and down. Miss Harrison.

    • Hi Mrs Hilton-le

      I am so glad Jayden joined in with my magic painting activity. Did he manage to answer any of my investigation questions ?

      He might like to try making some salt dough decorations too.

      Take care

      Mrs Weedall

  2. Xander and Nico spent a long time yesterday afternoon drawing things on the patio. Xander particularly enjoyed writing his name (and then getting frustrated when the first couple of letters dried up before he’d managed to finish 🤦🏻‍♀️) . Thanks for the idea!

    • Hello Xander, it was so lovely to see your message this morning. Thank you for reading my blog. I am so glad that you and Nico had lots of fun with magic painting in the sun. I am also happy to hear you have been practising your name writing, well done !!

      I am so looking forward to seeing your smiling face again.

      Take care

      Mrs Weedall

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