Celebrations and Festivals

Hi Everyone

Hoping you are all safe and well.

I am missing Year 1 Kandinsky so much, I cannot wait to hear all your stories.

I have been keeping myself busy by painting in and outside my house, I have been learning to crochet, reading some fiction and non fiction books, I now know some more Spanish (I will post on a new blog what I have learned and you can learn too), gardening and keeping Dougie entertained.

He is not always this good but he is always this cute!

Celebrations and Festivals

Day 1.

In the Christian calendar it is holy week, leading up to the Christian celebration of Easter.

What is your favourite celebration? Your birthday, or someone else’s birthday, maybe a birthday party you went to,  Christmas, a wedding or Easter.

You could draw a picture, label it and even write about what your favourite celebration is, what did you see, what did you have and why is it your favourite celebration?

My favourite celebrations are birthdays. Children in my class will know I love cake, especially home made cake. My daughter George made me the best birthday cake last year and bought me lots of presents that are yellow, it is my favourite colour. We had a party for George last year as it was a special birthday.

I love birthdays because I can spend time with my fantastic friends and family. We listen to the best music and show off our dance moves. We have lots of sparkly and colourful balloons and party poppers that pop very loudly.  We eat lots of delicious food and scrumptious cake.

George at her party.

My homemade birthday cake.

My amazing yellow presents.

Don’t forget to comment to let me know what your favourite celebration is.

Keep practising your 2’s, 5’s, and 10 times tables.

Missing you all. Stay home and keep safe.

Miss Harrison










6 thoughts on “Celebrations and Festivals

  1. Bonnie is really missing you too Miss Harrison.
    Well daddy has been teaching Bonnie and Archie and last week did all about Easter and holy week. Daddy was asking her questions and he asked why do we go to church on good Friday?
    Bonnie answered ‘to eat hot Cross buns’ I don’t think she had her listening cap on!

    We made papier mache eggs and painted them and Bonnie has worked really hard doing English and maths.

    Bonnie has written everyday on her white board the days schedule, including break, snack and dinner time. We even had to write lunch options on the board so she could put a tick next to the dinner she wanted!

    I’ll get her to do the celebration piece you have set too.
    Hope to see you soon x

    • Aw I am missing Bonnie too. So pleased to hear she is doing lots of writing. We did start our RE week but we did not get chance to finish so I thought it would be a good idea to put on the blog what we would have been learning.
      Keep listening Bonnie and keep up the writing. Miss you lots. Miss Harrison

  2. Aw I’m missing her too.
    Bonnie loves to learn lots of new things. We did start RE week before we finished learning about the Easter story but unfortunately did not finish so I thought I’d put the activities on the blog.
    Keep writing Bonnie, I cannot wait to see you. Take care.
    Miss Harrison

    • Aw I’m missing you too Analuse. Oh we do love a party. I wonder if you can make a list of what you would have at your party. I would have lots of delicious cake, dancing to the best music, lots of pink and yellow balloons and everybody in fancy dress. All take care.

      • Sorry Analise! not Analuse. I did not have my glasses on. You know I struggle without my glasses Analise.

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