Tadpole’s Promise: Book Club With Mrs B – Episode 3

Hello children!

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another Book Club With Mrs B (I’ve gone all posh for this one!).

I know I’ve said it every time so far but this really is a firm FAVOURITE of mine, some might find it sad but I actually think it’s a little bit funny at the end! Let me know what you all think!

Here are some activities you could do after reading this story – ANYONE can do these activities, Nursery, Reception, KS1 and KS2!

  1. Make your own symmetrical butterfly using paints or felt-tip pens.

2. Make your own speech bubbles for the characters of Tadpole and Caterpillar. If you are younger, use your phonics, but try to remember which tricky words can be spelled properly!


3. Draw and label the frog’s life cycle and the butterfly’s life cycle, again if you are in Early Years use your phonics to sound out the words when labelling.

Let me know how you get on! I am LOVING hearing from you all, it’s keeping my spirits up, so thank you very much! ❤

Mrs Burgess

24 thoughts on “Tadpole’s Promise: Book Club With Mrs B – Episode 3

  1. Lillie said she misses you much and all the teacher’s in reception and nursery and she want to come back to school

    • My absolute pleasure, I am loving hearing from all of the parents and children it’s so comforting to know everyone is ok and enjoying the Online Book Club! Keep in touch and say hello to Luciana from me!

  2. We loved our bed time story mrs Burgess and can not wait to do those activities tomorrow, your frog drawing is awesome (Reinas words) and Reina also thought your tad pole drawings looked like am the bog baby from our last story, please keep them coming, we love them xxx

    • Well Mr Burgess laughed his head off at my frog, so I am so happy to receive a nice comment about it, thank you! Next video will be Friday, thank you so, so much for all of your encouraging comments!

  3. Well Mrs Burgess, tgsi was a book neither Archie or I had ever come across.
    We settled down in my bed for snuggles and watched you read us a story.
    What a shock of an ending?!
    Bonnie loved it, Oscar didn’t really understand but Archie was a wee bit traumatised (I was too) he really didn’t like it. Ha ha
    I’m still in shock!
    Still enjoyed someone else reading them a story rather than me though.
    Thank you x

    • Haha!!!! I never know if I should find it as amusing as I do but it just makes me giggle a little every time! I’ll read one with a happier ending on Friday! 😀

  4. Mrs Burgess, you really are wonderful, and a true inspiration. The thought you put into all that you do for the children really does shine through and I know is appreciated by all. Me courtney and Callum have all been listening to your stories and they have made us smile.
    I love books and I read so many to the littles ones I look after. We have so many story baskets and do lots of activities to extend children’s learning, and just have so much fun! Please please please do “whatever next” that is my favourite story! When we are all back in school, I will bring my story basket in for you for “whatever next” and you can share it with your Reception children xx

    • Hi Louise! So lovely to hear from you all, I do hope you’re all safe and keeping busy. You always have such nice things to say, thank you very much indeed it is hugely appreciated ❤ I have Whatever Next on my shelf here so I will definitely add it to the list for the next few stories for sure, and that is such a kind offer to let us borrow your story basket we would absolutely love that, thank you very much! Sending huge virtual smiles to You, Courtney and Callum, stay safe ❤

      • When Callum was in your class, I wanted him to come as the bear from whatever next, on world book day but he wouldn’t. He’s chose the tin man instead (spoiled my fun haha). I look forward to hearing the story, and many more too.
        take care and stay safe xx

  5. Hi, Mrs Burgess. Daniel is enjoying your stories so much! When I told him about this he didn’t want to watch it because he was embarrassed… I think he thought you could see him😄
    But right know, him and his big sister Julia are really enjoying this, just brings some normality to these strange times. Thank you and keep going.

    • Hi Joana, Daniel and Julia! That is so funny, I can imagine him being embarrassed about it!

      I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy 🙂 I will be doing stories Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week so please check back to see more. Keep in touch and stay safe! Mrs Burgess :o)

  6. I’m sorry I was late watching the story. Because we have a lot of appointments in the hospital for Adam. On Friday, we will have Adam’s leg surgery. Today Adam watched all the story’s and answered all questions💋💋

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