Chinese New Year D&T Day!

Although a couple weeks delayed, we decided to coincide celebrating Chinese New Year with our Design and Technology days. After learning about the ways Chinese New Year is celebrated, we began to engage in some simple skills, specifically cutting and folding. Firstly, we made Chinese Lanterns.

We learned about how Chinese people have 9 dishes of food at New Year as 9 is a lucky number. We had a go at making one of the dishes, noodles. We talked about the flavouring and how the noodles change from hard to soft when water is added and warmed. The children know why long noodles are favoured by Chinese people…ask them why they choose to eat them!

Finally, we learned about the story of the Chinese Zodiac ‘The Great Race’. We learned that this year, 2020, is the Year of the Rat. We furthered our outing and folding skills by created 3D rats. The children assembled them into cone shapes. Did you know that the children born in 2014 are Year of the Horse and those born in 2015 are Year of the Goat?

It has been a great couple of days, we leave ready for the holidays up-skilled and full of new knowledge! I hope the children have a lovely week at home!

Mrs Burgess :o)

1 thought on “Chinese New Year D&T Day!

  1. Brilliant Mrs Burgess. Great to see them trying chopsticks, something I still haven’t mastered even though every time I go to Vancouver my granddaughters try to teach me properly!! Well done everyone. Mrs Hamnett

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