Y5 Peake in Manchester

Last week, Year 5 Peake went on an exciting trip to help to learn more about their new skills topic – Manchester. The class visited lots of attractions around the city and spotted features link to sport, music, transport, buildings and entertainment.

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As part of the trip, the children visited the Velodrome cycling centre in Sports City. Some of the children tried cycling on racing bikes on the track, others tried BMXing over the bumps. The children loved it… even if we did have a few that bounced off their bikes! Whilst we were there, the Great Britain Cycling Team were practising. We were very lucky to get a visit from Dame Sarah Storey, GB’s most decorated Paralympian!

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3 thoughts on “Y5 Peake in Manchester

  1. Wow, Dame Sarah Storey, what an honour Y5 Peake. Mr Sutherland, I hope that you pointed out the stadium on the other side of the road from the Velodrome? 😉 I used to do a lot of studying at Chethams Library, there is a very, very heavy oak door. Plus you have to be ‘locked’ in a small room with the deepest window seats I have ever seen to read some of the very rare books. I hope that everyone enjoyed the day out and learned a lot about the beautiful city next to our own City of Salford? Mrs Hamnett

  2. Thank you for the blog Mr Sutherland I am sure the parents will be so happy to read about what the children have been up to, hopefully you will get lots of comments! Wow, how brilliant you get to learn about Manchester! I would have loved this trip, you are so lucky to have been able to see so many iconic sights of our amazing city. Mrs Burgess

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