Play that Glock!

Today as part of our Charanga lessons we learned how to use a Glockenspiel. The children played the D note and the G note. They listened brilliantly to the instructions and looked after the Glockenspiels with care. The song of the week was one of Mrs Burgess’ childhood favourites ‘Conga’ by Gloria Estafan, so we danced the Conga around the classroom!

Some children were with Mr Johnston making a special video about Safer Internet Week, so stay tuned to see their video on the blog.

Mrs Burgess :o)

4 thoughts on “Play that Glock!

  1. Oh no, Analise won’t be happy she missed this. Last weekend we were listening to music and she started air drumming and said “you don’t know what instrument I’m playing mum” so I told her she was doing the drums and I got back, all matter of factly, “no actually, the glockenspiels” I didn’t expect that for a minute 😂

  2. 😂 we have been ‘air glocking’, practising to a beat before we actually got them out today. It does look a bit like drumming 😂Don’t worry we will do it again next week and she can have her turn 😊 we missed her today!

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