Science Day

Our Science Day has been all about Water! The children already had some brilliant ideas about what they knew about water, but they have definitely learnt much more over the two Science Days. We now know that we need something extremely cold to freeze water, and something hot or even warm, to melt water. A few of the investigations we did are below…

  1. Trapped Animals

We wanted to freeze our toy animals, but didn’t know how. After many unusual ideas, we eventually came up with the idea of covering the animals with water and freezing them. We went back the day after to find them and yes, they had froze! We then experiment how to change the ice back to water so we could release the animals. We used a hammer, sprinkled on salt, used a hairdryer and used a kettle to pour on boiling water.

2. Making Ice Decorations

We made some beautiful ice decorations by adding water and sequins into ice cube trays then freezing them. The next day we hung them outside. We went back after an hour to observe them and they had melted! We realised it was warmer outside than in the freezer and the sun must have been making our decorations melt!

3. Adding Water

We experimented with what happens when you add water to things like cornflour, sugar, salt, porridge oats, icing sugar and oil. We used some new words like dissolve, absorb, thick, heavy and gloopy.

We had a fantastic couple of days learning about water and its properties. Ask us some questions and see what we know!

Mrs Burgess :o)

4 thoughts on “Science Day

  1. Bonnie loved science day. She came home all excited telling us what you’d been doing. It was so cute to see her so animated about what’s she’d learnt.

  2. These pictures are fantastic Mrs Burgess, it looks like the children a fun few days and learned a lot about water. Those ice decorations were brilliant xx

    • How cool were they!? They were Mr Kershaw’s idea. Such a shame they couldn’t stay frozen but it taught the children lots! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, hope that you all had a great Christmas :o)

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