Reception Christmas Sing Along

I still don’t think I am over the OUTSTANDING performance the children gave us in the hall today. I can’t express enough how proud myself and Mr Kershaw are. The children behaved beautifully, sang their hearts out and even gave the teachers a lump in their throats, what a pleasure it is to teach all of your children. Well done Reception Rosen and Reception Donaldson.

Thank you to all parents for the wonderful turn out to support the children. We really appreicate it.

We hope you all have an incredible Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Love, your plug and socket,

Mrs Burgess and Mr Kershaw.

(video links below)


10 thoughts on “Reception Christmas Sing Along

  1. I never want the Tierneys’ to leave early years! Can Analise stay please?! Always always give us the best of memories! I’m collecting autographs of these little stars at some point! 😆 So so impressed 👏🏻👏🏻 well done reception!! Also may I add what a great team Mrs B & Mr K make 👏🏻👏🏻 Aka plug & socket! Thank you for a lovely morning reception 🤗

    • You will have to have some more little Tierney’s! They were just fantastic, I am still smiling about it now! Haha, I don’t think Mr Kershaw and I will ever live the name ‘plug and socket’ down now!

      • No chance, these are memories that will stick forever 😊 we will always now know you as plug & socket now 😂 but definitely no more Tierney’s joining, double trouble are enough 😆 Going to be lots of tears from me end of this school year 🙈

  2. Brilliant performance as always reception. Holding back the tears on the last song
    Well done mrs burgess and mr kershaw
    Izzys mum x

  3. I can’t believe how good Bonnie is at keeping secrets. I asked her loads of times over the weekend was she an angel? Was she Mary? Was she the Inn keeper? She kept saying no. I said have I already guessed what you are? She said no. I know I can trust her with my secrets that’s for sure! Brilliant show by all the children.

    I’ve just found a picture of me and Bonnie (when I was Mary that I did a comparison of but it won’t let me attach it, I’ll show you later) x

    • Oh I would love to see the photo of you, please show us in the morning! So glad she managed to keep it a surprise for you, what a star!

  4. So proud of my little munchkins today. They were amazing in their Christmas Sing along.

    Well done reception!

    Love Mr Kershaw

  5. Year 2 absolutely loved watching the dress rehearsal. All the children were fantastic! They are all very lucky to have two fabulous teachers. Well done Reception! 😀

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